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Evening TelegraphTuesday 31 October 1905



Begging on the Honeymoon.

Abernethy Shed Theft.

THE BLANTYRE ROMANCE.The halo of romance had completely disappeared from a trio who occasioned such comment in the district when they appeared before Sheriff Sym in Perth Sheriff Court to-day.

Their names were Nellie Sharp, View Park, Bellshill, Uddingston; William Pollock, plasterer, Broompark Place; and Patrick Gallacher, Watson’s Row, Larkfield, and the charge was that, of having, on 21st, Oct., from a house in the course of erection at Abernethy, stolen a number of plasterers’ tools, a jacket, and an apron.

The accused, who pleaded not guilty, were defended by Mr Peter Strang, solicitor, Perth, and at a former appearance the parties in Court it was stated that the first, mentioned pair had gone through an irregular marriage, and, accompanied Gallacher, who acted as ”best man,” the trio set out to tramp the country.

A plasterer named Welsh, belonging to Abernethy, stated that on either of the dates labelled missed his kit,” and identified those in Court as his. A man named Robertson spoke to the newly-wedded pair and their companion who had been reduced to begging.

On the Sunday he stated that they went to his door and asked for some boiling water. They told him they had come from Glasgow, and had been out all night. Taking pity on the weary looking travellers witness he gave them some tea and sugar as well as water.

Constable Cameron, Bridge of Earn, spoke seeing the accused on the Monday. When he saw them first the female prisoner had the bundle containing a number of plasterers’ tools. He saw Welsh later on, and both cycled back and overtook the accused near Glenfarg. Welsh identified the tools. Pollock said he bought, them from man named Trainer. He further stated that they might be let off this time. Continuing, the constable stated that the accused appeared tired, and they told him they had slept during the day and walked at night to keep themselves warm.

THE DEFENCE. For the defence the accused Pollock said that he had been working in the Blantyre district for some time. While there he had a fellow workman named Trainer, but Trainer left, and was now tramping the country. Gallacher and Pollock were out of work, and they both agreed to go on the tram and look for employment. “How did you take Nellie Sharp with you?” Pollock explained that she was service, and had expected to get out all day on the Sunday when they left. She did not get out until one o’clock, and when she went back at night she did not get in, and they all went away together. He lost his kit before he left. They tramped over to Fife and came through they met Trainer on the road, and told Pollock that he had a kit of plasterer’s tools, and would sell them for 6s. He had himself, and Nellie Sharp had 6s, and he got 4s from her and bought the tools. Cross examined. “Did you have any money when you left Blantyre? Yes, I had 4s. spent 2s while tramping, and had 2s left. Did you have any more money when apprehended? Yes, I had 2s. He denied having been into any house in Abernethy. Gallacher corroborated. Mr Strang stated that Pollock and the girl Sharp had been married for some time unknown to their parents. She stayed in her situation after they were married because Pollock was out of work.

The Sheriff asked if it were an irregular marriage, and Mr Strang replied that it was, Pollock having told him that it was before Justice of the Peace. The Sheriff said he was afraid that the girl had been misled into thinking that she was being regularly married to Pollock and did not think she had taken any active part in the thefts, but only looked on while others stole. There were people present who were interested in her, and he would advise her to go away with them.

THE SENTENCE. The Sheriff, addressing the male accused, said he had no doubt that they stole the tools, and they each imprisoned for fifteen days. Mr Strang pleaded for the option of a fine, but this his Lordship refused.



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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