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Move to Purchase Milheugh Estate

Sum of £2,000 Mentioned

Milheugh House was in the possession of the Millar family from the fourteenth century onwards.The Fifth District Council (Blantyre and East Kilbride) are interesting themselves in the possibility of purchasing the Milheugh Estate at High Blantyre. The matter was before the Council in May of this year and has again been under consideration recently by a sub-committee.

The clerk reported to the committee that he had communicated with the Chief Valuer (Scotland) requesting the services of the District Valuer in assessing the value of the Estate and had been informed that, as no approval is required from a Government Department, it is regretted that he cannot authorise his District Valuer to act on behalf of the council in this matter. He further reported that the council could now decide on the purchase price for the Estate without referring the matter in any way to the District Valuer.

After discussion it was agreed on the motion of Mr Jack, seconded by Mr Hills, to recommend to the council that negotiations be now entered into with the agents for the superior, for the purchase of the Milheugh Estate for the sum of £2,000 (£43,650 today) plus costs, and it be left with the clerk to complete the details of the purchase and thereafter report to the council for approval.

Source: Blantyre Gazette, Saturday 14th September 1957

Gazette provided by Mary Wood


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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