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Houses Used – Blantyre Trespassers Fined

The Glasgow Herald – Apr 28, 1945

A series of prosecutions for contraventions of the Trespass (Scotland) Act, 18655, were called in Hamilton Sheriff Court yesterday against several married people in the Blantyre district.

Milheugh House, as it was before the second world warOne group of offenders admitted having, between April 18 and 25, lodged in Milheugh House which was situated on Milheugh Estate, High Blantyre, without the consent or permission of the owner. Others pleaded guilty to a similar charge of trespass by lodging without permission in a house known as Greencroft, Bardykes Road, Blantyre, without the permission of the owners, the Summerlee Coal and Iron Company, Ltd.The Fiscal explained that Milheugh House was owned by Mr A.M. Bannatyne, a well known solicitor, who was in in business in Glasgow. It had been standing empty for some months and was in charge of a caretaker. On Thursday, April 19, the caretaker found that entry had been forced and that a number of men, women and children were in possession of the premises.


Mr Robert Ferguson, writer, Hamilton, explained that the present series of prosecutions illustrated the acute housing shortage that prevailed in the Blantyre district. The need for houses had been aggravated by the closure of a property known as Bowie’s Land in Blantyre, and in sheer desperation the people had seized unoccupied houses. Two members of Lanark County Council were in court and they had authorised him to say the situation would be relieved in a few days when a number of military huts would be available as temporary accommodation for the people of Blantyre.

 Dechmont huts Aerial view of military huts at Dechmont, used for temporary Accommodation.

The Fiscal explained in connection with the offence at Bardykes Road that the house was being got ready for a colliery manager who had been appointed by the Summerlee Coal and Iron Company, Ltd to a colliery in the district. This property which was undergoing renovation, was “invaded” in the same way as Milheugh. Sheriff Dobie fined all the men involved in the trespass at Milheigh £1 each. The women were admonished. In connection with the trespass at Bardykes Road, Blantyre, two women were each fined 10s.



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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