St Joseph’s Primary Staff 1975

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St Joseph’s Primary Staff 1975

St Joseph's Primary Staff 1975

Back Row: Liz Morris, Ann Fletcher, Mary O’Neill, Helen Cox, Ned Cushley (Jani), Eileen Asby, Mary McPherson, Mary McGuinness, Mrs Smith (Aux)

Centre Row: Betty Marshall, Rosemary McNeill, Liz Sweeney, Bridget McAnulty, 1st Year Student, Neil McShane, Sam Clements, Rosalind Elliott, Rose Donnelly, Ann Margaret Drummond, Cathy Bloomfield (Sec)

Front Row: Miss Mary McCrystal, Mrs McLaughlin (Cook), Fr Dempsey, Miss King (Infant Mistress), Mr Bonner (Head Master), Mr Degning (Asst Head), Mrs McCartney (Asst Head), Anna Robinson, Joanne Finnan.

Sent in by Rosalind Elliott

Your Comments:

Fran Mcdermott Walters: Mr McShane… best teacher ever x

Carolyn Patterson: Mr McShane middle of middle row was one of my best teachers before leaving for Ogilvie x

Tom McGuigan: Maggie Ayers would have been front n centre.

James Mcguire: The dreaded Mrs Toker

Marie McMillan: Can u remember Miss Toker

Lainey McGuckin: Miss King was another tyrant

Helen Dyer: today’s kids have no idea how much fun they missed… it’s all electronic now, no imagination, unless it’s for getting into more trouble than we ever did. lol

Linda Halpin: Anne O’Neil was my teacher, I sang with her too at Hasties Farm. I hated Mr Bonner, He said I was a trouble maker, huh, got that far wrong. I only hit a girl who was bullying me, and she never bullied me again I have to say.. lol x

Marion Young: I remember that background and stage, never got up there for a prize for being a good girl lol

Mary Boyle: Headmaster who wore a gown we nicknamed him Batman! Xx

Cathie Russell: I remember miss Toker throwing the duster at me and my aunt Katie told her off for it lol . I remember Miss O’Neil I was in first year when we got moved to John Ogilvie when they made it a primary school.

Michelle Razzaq: Met Mr McShane on Tuesday night, not changed except for ageing gracefully lol

Michelle Razzaq: Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Donnelly were my favourite teachers. Sad the old building is going but the new school is fantastic.

Marianne Aitken: Miss O’Neill used to slap her hand on the blackboard and scream ‘you are a thorn in my side!!!’ can anyone else remember this??? Other than that I thought she was a great teacher.

James Mcguire: Think the camera would blow if she was ever in a picture?


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