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Ness’s 1949

Nesies 1949

Hi. Bill, This is a photo of Ness’s, 1949 I think, Given to me by Robert Allardyce, lived in Park St. Dixon’s Raws, he is fourth from the left, bottom row, I am third  next to him, we were best mates then, and as he lives just doon the road here in Western Australia, we still are!! Great site. Bob Beattie

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Hi bill, In your photo of Ness’s school 1949 I have picked my mother out as a six year old, she is Rena Crighton nee Boyd she is in the second row from the bottom five in from the left, we were wondering if you knew anyone else in the picture. Thanks very much for all your efforts with the site keep up the good work. Jim Crighton

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Hi Bill, I’ve been looking through the School photos on the web site and I can name some of the people in the late forties photo including myself. As follows –

Back row 3rd from right William Leitch next Robert Queen, then Robert Richardson, John Hamilton, back row 4th from left William Woods.

Next row from left Elizabeth McCloy, Lilly MacDonald, Jane Prentice, Una Nelson, Catherine Waugh, Anne Bell, Elsie Balneaves, Nancy Morton.

Next row, 5th from left, Margaret Gibson, 7th from left Mary Anderson, Eleanor McQuade, Sheila Murray, 3rd from right, Mary Ross.

Front row from right Robert Hunter, then front row 2nd from left Russel Little, and 4th from left Robert Allardyce, and I think the name of the person in the 2nd row from front, and 2nd from left is Alex Grey.

I was born 1940, so I reckon this photo is 48 or 49. Love looking through  your website, hope this info helps. A, McKillop (Nee – Anne Bell)

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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