High Blantyre Primary School Choir c1956 – 60

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High Blantyre Primary School Choir c1956 – 60

High Blantyre School Choir c1960

Back Row:  ?, ?, Eileen?, ?, ?, Margo Muir

2nd Row:  Morag Horn, ?, Marion Paton, ?, Maria Prentice, ?, Beatrice Rochead

3rd Row:  Marbeth Murdoch, ?, Nancy Boyd, ?, Marilyn McPhee, Janet Duncan, Jeanette Chatham, Isobel Borden, Lilias McDonald

Front:  ?, Marjorie Ferguson, Carol Ann Rowland, Drena Taylor, ?, ?

Sent in by Mary Dodd

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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