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‘The Kings of Coal’

Pit Ponies

You old Kings of coal
You stole our men’s souls
And filled their lungs with dust
No care for them who worked below
Your ways were so unjust!

While you lavished in your stately homes
Our families lived in hovels
You dined on the best of food and wine
They were made to grovel.

Your ‘pit ponies’ had much better lives
Than our men, their children and their wives
The ponies hardly saw the light of day
But they didn’t have to fight for better pay.

You sent my father to an early grave
For years he suffered, yet was so brave
He was only fifty six when he died
Leaving our family, who mourned and cried.

We are so proud of our ‘Mining Men’
The like of which we’ll never see again
They are our past, they are our roots
The youth of today won’t come up to their boots.

You old ‘Kings of Coal’
You had no souls
Your hearts were made of stone
Our miners may have lost their fight
But you have lost your Throne!

Mary Wheeler 2007

Painting: Pit Pony by Shelley Ann Jackson & Jeff Crosby

Anne Murray: My Granda McIntyre died of silicosis in his early fifties due to working down the pits.

Frank Holford: Don’t know where you get them from Pam, but love it XXX

Sandie Doak: Very very true, rich get richer, poor poorer.

Liz Wardrop: Hard working men.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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