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Elegy for the Miner

Colliery Town

The miner was a man who worked underground,
for that’s the place where coal is found.

He worked long hours in the damp, and dark,
and all the while the black dust left it’s mark.

He went down the pit to earn his keep,
for his wife, and kids to have an easy sleep.

No thought for him then, that it all might end,
as he shoveled coal back to back with his friend.

The coal he dug from that deep dark pit,
kept power stations running, and fires lit.

Factories and ships it kept on the go,
to him nothing it seemed could stem the flow.

Now from the Rhondda the pits have all gone,
I see no longer, the miner walking along.

All that’s left are the coal tips, and the pain,
of the blue scarred men trying to breathe again.

Brian Toomey.

Oil paintings by artist Tom McGuinness.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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