A memory, from age three, for my Dad

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Poems about Miners

A memory, from age three, for my Dad.

By Geraint Smith

Miners coming home

Out of the belly
Of the ‘Davy lamp’ night
Of the mine
Into the eye rubbing light.
The waning grey valley day.

The cigarette lolling
Zig zag path to the home
From the mine
On the hill!

The night shift,
Rib caged,
Umbilical descent,
Through anthracite lungs,
To the black blood veins.

Daddy Ascending!
On wings laced with coal dust,
Tobacco, sweating and strong,
Oh so lovely ‘daddy is home’ hugs,
Hugs for my mammy and me!

Geraint Smith


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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