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High Blantyre

High Blantyre Station 1910

 High Blantyre Station The Hamilton and Strathavon Railway opened High Blantyre Station in 1863, although it was taken over by the Caledonian Railway the following year. They ran a service for various industries in the area including Quarter Ironworks, Dixon’s Pits and the Blantyre Colliery. In 1885 a connection from High Blantyre to East Kilbride was opened for both freight and passengers.


The Strathavon passenger service via High Blantyre ended in 1945, and the freight services ceased eight years later. New houses at Craigmuir Road and Gardens now occupy the approximate site of the station, which stood off Main Street past the Cross. This picture dates from c. 1910.  High Blantyre Station
 High Blantyre Station Sign Close up of High Blantyre Station Sign. Photo by Robert Brownlie.

Your Social Comments:

Gary Doonin: Did you know there was a station further up the line on the Stoney Meadow road, it was either called Calder Wood Glen or Calderwood Castle. Yes remnants of the old line still can be seen and the Viaduct parapets up at Greenhall still there.
Laura Hamilton: My dad was born High Blantyre in the same year as photo was taken.
Mary Crowe: Just look at the crowd at the station.
Margo Haughen: Beecham has a lot to answer!
Amanda Smart: Is there anything that remains from the station or railway line?
Elizabeth Weaver: In 1963, my parents bought a bit of land up the brickie road (Craigmuir Rd), behind Blantyre Old Parish Church, to build a house. As far as I remember, they acquired a bit from the NCB and a bit from the Rail company, so there will be nothing left to indicate where the station was. Last time I was up there, their bungalow (The Glebe) had a much smaller garden – with another bungalow now sharing the plot – and of course, there’s a row of houses all up Craigmuir Rd. When we lived there, there was only one small whitewashed cottage (belonging to Jock and Ellen Russell), then our house, and nothing until you reached Hamilton Dr. No motorway between Craigmuir Rd and Hamilton Dr back then of course!

With thanks for the kind permission of Rhona Wilson and Richard Stenlake Publishers to publish photos from the book, “Old Blantyre“.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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