High Blantyre c1920

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

High Blantyre

High Blantyre c1920

High Blantyre c1920High Blantyre, looking towards the Cross from the old railway bridge coming from Stoneymeadow.

The wall the wee boy is sitting on carries on to become part of the bridge. The road to the right we called “The Brickie”, Craigmuir Road, the church was almost right in front of you when you turned to the right, the road lead  to the railway station and the brickworks. Your photo, High Blantyre Cross looks down this road from the opposite direction.  On the left the second gateway, between the lamp post and the end of the building, is to the old sawmill, “Adam’s Sawmill”.  I haven’t seen much written about the sawmill, but my Grandfather worked there and had a finger taken off in an accident.  The abandoned buildings were still there is the late 50’s though I don’t remember when it as a working sawmill.

The tenement on the left was owned by William Adam and was called Adam’s Laun. This was where Archer’s Croft used to be. There was also a petrol station on the right in the 40’s / 50’s.

Thanks to Mary Dodd for the update.

Elizabeth Weaver: In 1963, my parents bought a bit of land up the brickie road (Craigmuir Road), behind Blantyre Old Parish Church, to build a house. As far as I remember, they acquired a bit from the NCB and a bit from the Rail company, so there will be nothing left to indicate where the station was. Last time I was up there, their bungalow (The Glebe) had a much smaller garden – with another bungalow now sharing the plot – and of course, there’s a row of houses all up Craigmuir Rd. When we lived there, there was only one small whitewashed cottage (belonging to Jock and Ellen Russell), then our house, and nothing until you reached Hamilton Drive. No motorway between Craigmuir Road and Hamilton Drive back then of course!
Jim McDougall: Went to High Blantyre school in the 40′ s and 50’s, we played in the old saw mill, fond memories of years gone by.
Blantyre’s Ain: 10 Points for anyone who knows the wee boys name…
Paul Hudson McGowan: Thanks Bill, really good to see these treasures from the past and very handy to read about their context now and back then too.
Margo Haughen: I remember most of this, thanks again for all the great memories.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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