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Stoney MeadowI have just been looking at your website with photos of Old Blantyre. I have sent you two attachments of a farm house known as Stonymeadow. We believe it is in the Blantyre area some time before 1870. One of the photos is captioned “Stonymeadow/ Calderwood Castle ” You are welcome to use these if they are of the relevant area of Blantyre. If you know if this building still exists I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you Guthrie J Boyd

Phoenix AZ USA

Old Boyd Farm Stoney Meadow

My family the Boyd’s lived here for seven years before emigrating to NZ.

Thank you

Guthrie J Boyd Phoenix AZ USA

I asked my friend and local Historian James Cornfield (deceased) and he replied:

Old Boyd Farm Stoney MeadowsGood morning Bill, Stoneymeadow was a hamlet of about 8 farm workers houses situated on the East Kilbride Road at its junction with the Dalton Road approx. one half mile from the Rotten Calder and Generals Bridge, its natural border with High Blantyre.

This extract taken from a letter from an emigre in Calgary, Canada in 1911. describes it well   ‘And in fancy I hear again the rippling of the Stoneymeadow Burn, the old stone Brig across that Brook on the road to East Kilbride.  This entire area was farmland owned by several Farmers at one time or another the Boyd family. I do know that a farm near to this area Lettrick Farm, was owned by the Craig family who were Heritors of the parish of Blantyre in days gone by. There was also a Coalmine by the name of Lettrick Colliery in this area which operated during the start of the last century. There is no doubt that  this picturesque area, with the Brook (Stream)  running through it, supplied  by a natural spring which runs down the length of the Hen Farm Brae is a sight to behold in any Season. It is  a favourite walk of Blantyre people in the Summertime.


James Cornfield


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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