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Milheugh Falls and Footbridge

Milheugh Falls Rotten Calder Milheugh Falls adjacent to Milheugh House. A favourite picnic spot for local families and walkers. There is some evidence that the falls were man made because of the flat stones and metal straps. It is my belief however, that the metal straps were put in situ as a repair to stop the flat stones from being washed away. (see below)


Milheugh Falls when the river was in spate and the footbridge which we all miss, all photographed by Blantyre Photographer, Jim Brown.

Milheugh Footbridge


Your Comments:

Jean Andrew: Thank you for this. My Father, James Ballantyne Nimmo lived in Milheugh and played by the banks and fished when a little boy in 1920s. His ashes were scattered by the bridge when he died in 2008, so part of my heart is always by the falls. Jean, Auckland New Zealand.

Billy Steven: Remember the like it was yesterday.

Pamela Holland: We had a wee dingle and and plastic shoes and had many great summers there in the 70’s

Terry Donnelly: Yes we do miss it. Does anyone know what happened to it and why it’s been like that for years?

Paul McGivern: What happened to the bridge???

Mark Crichton: It suddenly disappeared mate some fanny decided to lift it with a JCB Dump it into the river… wonder who that could have been !!

Paul McGivern: Stain brain??? (Rockhead)

Paul McGivern: That means we can’t go up Greenhall and build camps anymore m8 lol.

Mary Dodd: I’m sure I have some of the falls, might take me a while to find them though.

Alan Baird: still love to sit there yet, ma dad used to take me there when I was just a bairn.

Jim McDougall: Fond memories of years gone by. Up the cawther at the falls. Then down the Clyde when we got older, happy happy days.

John Mc Dermott: Happy days!

Shona Preston: Bring back the bridge, should have been replaced after it was vandalised,

Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: Don’t think I ever remember seeing them. Think I’m going daft.

Helen Dyer: best place in the summer…

Eddie Mcguire: A clyde boy myself but the cawther had some magic too.

Jack Owens: Spent a lot of time catching Baggie Minnows.

Peter Bancroft: It was oor time uncle Jim, fond fond memories x

Peter Bancroft: They were the best days it was our time Jim x

Peter Bancroft: I remember every summer me n ma uncle Jim McDougall all ma cousins all used to dive or jump in, we would spend hours up the falls and on the way home we would make plans for the next day to go back up again, it cost nothing but boy did we have some fun picnic’s, happy days x

David Bordon: Dived in once, someone had put an Asda trolley in the bottom ….. Broke ma face.

John Cornfield: Never as good as the dam on the Clyde the Cawther was for the wee boys Bill, like Cush lol. us bigger boys swam and dived in the big river lol.

John Anderson: Too many to remember.

Joe McDonald: As a kid, used to spend the whole summer doon the cawther then advanced to the Clyde. Happy days!

Robert Crothers: Swam many a time in here. Also caught a bad rash on my foot through this water.

Jim McDougall: Remember it well Peter happy times.

Jim Macfie: There is a wee ledge right under the falls if you swim to it… Loved droppin aff the tree swing into the water…. Many a camp was fire built around the falls.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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