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Barnhill 1901

BarnhillBarnhill was a fermtoun situated at the bend between Bardykes and Hunthill Road. All the buildings in this picture (c.1901) except for those on the right, have been demolished and replaced by a parking area for the Clyde Valley Community Forest project.

The white gable end on the right of the picture was cut away as part of road widening works. (This building is reputed to be the oldest building in Blantyre c1536)

Barnhill c1890 with the derelict School Room overgrown on the left and the Barnhill Tavern on the right when it was still a single story with a thatched roof. This is a view from the top of Pech Brae. Barnhill c1890
Barnhill Tavern A view of Barnhill from the top of Pathfoot. Aggie Bain’s Cottage or Brownlee Cottage, built in 1536, before the corner was cut off, the Barnhill Tavern (The Hoolet’s Nest) dates back to 1745 and was a Coaching House on the Route from London to Hamilton Palace. The white cottage in the foreground was Weaver’s Cottage or Stewart’s Cottage at the top of Peth Brae. Jock Forrest had a handloom and worked at home.  And in the distance, you can see the Cottage Hospital.

Christine Forrest: My father also Jock Forrest used to visit his grandfather Bob Forrest in Herbertson Street in the late 30’s and forties. Bob Forrest died in the 1950’s aged nearly 100 he was Jocks oldest son.

Margo Haughen: If memory serves, the building beyond Stewart’s Cottage had a wee shop on it’s corner, that I think, was owned/run by Stewart Kennedy’s mum? Does anyone remember more clearly?

With thanks for the kind permission of Rhona Wilson and Richard Stenlake Publishers to publish photos from the book, “Old Blantyre“.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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