The Stonefield Tavern

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The Stonefield Tavern

Stonefield Tavern 1920

The next building of any significance is The Stonefield Tavern Glasgow Road at Priory Street. The pub was formerly known as Fred Rae’s, and then Teddy’s.

It is thought to be one of the oldest Public Houses in Blantyre.

This photo of 1920 is before the Broadway Picture House was built across the road some 19 years later.

Note the overhead tram power lines, in the middle of the road and the gas lamp to the right.

Look how busy the pavement is on the right. My theory is that the photo was taken on a Sunday morning, and the pedestrians are on their way to Church.

The lady standing by the wooden staircase to the left is most probably the photographer’s wife.

Duncan Slater wrote: Later when the white building was removed a large Billboard was there, and we used to climb up the back and throw snowballs at the line up’s waiting to go into the Broadway Cinema.

Stonefield Tavern Today… The sign says 1556 and depicts a Horse Show.

Stonefield Tavern Sign Stonefield Tavern Today

Your Comments:

Ray Couston: Yeah, it’s a Tennent’s advert. It’s the date that the Wellpark Brewery was founded.

Carolyn Patterson: see I love these photos, I had my very first drink in Teddy’s at the age of …..teen lol.

John Ryan-Park: I lived in a house at 223A Glasgow Road, Blantyre. Just at bottom of the Toll Brae, not far from the Stonefield Tavern.

Danny Canavan: Teddy’s pub, many a good day and night in there.

Mary McGuigan: I live in England when my fella came to Blantyre with me, he loves Teddy’s x

Stephen Allan: I’ve heard of the name Fred Rae but never Thomas Rae.

Kathleen McDermott Parks: I knew this pub as Teddy’s. Many a great sing song in there on a Saturday.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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