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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road South

Kidd’s Building (Sproat’s Laun)

Mecca, The White Elephant, formerly Hughie Kidd’s fish & chip shop, The Smiddy Bar, Elm Street, Stonefield Parish Church

Sproat's LaunThe Smiddy Bar – Glasgow Road at Merry’s Rows (Elm Street) which must have taken its name from the blacksmith shop that once was active in this area.

Opposite The Wellington Bar, also known as Maggie McGuire’s.

William Ross wrote: “The Smiddy, Vince, his mother, Alsatian and Parrot”

Anyone remember the White Elephant? (where the couple are standing). Robert McLeod-Wolohan wrote: “Aye I remember the white elephant you could get anything in there and if I remember correctly, it was all stuff that had been used”

William Ross wrote: “The betting shop was McGuigans before Mecca, they also had the shop at the top of station road”

Kathleen Duffy: Charlie lifted lines behind Teddy McGuiness’ pub before betting became legit then he moved into 2 Station Road before selling out to M. O’Hare many years later. Matt did work with him in Station Road but neither of them worked in Kidd’s building. William, I thought Slavin had a shop somewhere on the Main Street.
William Ross: Lost my money in that shop so many times and can’t remember who to.
Kathleen Duffy: There was Mulhollands, Weir, Slavin and Charlie Forrest who were all Bookmakers at that time but not sure which one was in that particular shop.
Anne Callaghan: Willie Weirs’ then Mecca took over.
Kathleen Duffy: At last someone got it thanks Anne xx
William Ross: Correct, 1967 ran out of money when Scotland beat England. Monday payout for quite a few.
Thea Borland Mcnamee: Remember white elephant well. Jim Collagen (Call) went with the girl whose mum owned it and also helped out in it. Remember Bunty’s the hairdressers across the road as well and wee cafe which I think was also taxi office.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward: I remember it but don’t know who owned it.
Anne Gilmour Callaghan: Jimmy Campbell owned it and Jim Callaghan worked there for some time.
Marion Young: Ma auntie Helen’s pub was across the road the Castle Vaults.
Christine Allan Brown: The family that owned it lived in Montrose Crescent but can’t remember their name.
Catherine Sneddon: I remember that shop my mum worked in the bookies next door too it xx
Diane Cunningham: A do remember going into it way MA mum but don’t no who owned it x
Anthony Smith: Don’t remember The White Elephant, but do remember my father going into the Smiddy Bar while waiting for The Dookit to open and calling to tell him it had opened. I was far too young to drink.
Rab Mccarrol: Got my puncture repair kits in there when I was wee lol.
Mary Boyle: Was it Hughie Duffy from Logan Street? I’m not sure but will ask my Mother tonight.
Frances McDonald: Remember the white elephant well but not who owned it.
Liz Jack: Remember one of the Lennons and his wife worked in it.
Angela Carty: I think it was McMillan that owned it. I think cause I remember Jesses McMillan mum was always severing in it!!!!!
Etta Morrison: Kidd’s chip shop in same building.
Ethel Watson: I remember it was Mary who owned it.
Mary McGuigan: Aww I remember that x
Jan Walsh: A yes I remember it well ?
Jim Donnelly: McNamee name springs to mind..!!
Marion Young:  A got my skating boots from there.
Nancy McFadden: I remember it very well I used to love to look in the window, also the Smiddy pub at the end that’s where my Granda Frew drank, everyone knew him as Sanny.
David Scott: Did he have a brother Jim
Nancy McFadden: No his son was Jim Frew. My uncle Jim died about two to three years ago .. I think I went to school with you
Blantyre’s Ain: Sanny Frew was a great guy, he always had a nice word to say. He used to sit on the wall in Auchinraith Road and watch the world go by. I was only about 10 years old but he had time for me.
David Scott: Jim used to come over and watch the fitba with me in the Tact hall and went to a couple of games with us ( when we had a spare ticket). Great guy. What’s your own name (take McFadden your married name )
Nancy McFadden: Nancy Lynch
Nancy McFadden: I remember when he went to the over to the hall and I know he was very fond of you. I used to come back to Blantyre every summer when my mum was living.
Nancy McFadden: He always sat on the dyke and would talk to everyone …
He was a character .. he used to chop sleepers for firewood and the smell of chopped wood always makes me think of him.
Margaret Cunning: Was your mother’s own name Nancy Frew?
Anne Gilmour Callaghan: Jimmy Campbell owned it. I remember it at the other side of the road.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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