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Russell’s Farm

Going back down Stonefield Road, on the left, opposite Robertson’s Laun, we had Dixon’s Larkfield No.4 Pit, which was producing coal from 1878 leaving a bing known as ‘Hill 66’, where many a battle was fought and won either by soldiers or cowboys. Dixon's No 1 and 2 Pits
Larkfield Hall
The Pit was situated where the Larkfield Neighbourhood Hall is now.

I am not certain, but I have thought for some time that the structure immediately behind the Hall is a breathing tower for the pit.

The rest of Stonefield Road was made up of fields belonging to Russell’s Farm or Wheatlandhead Farm, to give it its proper name. As we can be seen in this 1940s photo, all farmland until the council houses in the beginning of Fernslea Avenue.  Russell's Farm looking towards Stonefield Road, later to become the Orlets Housing Scheme.

Paul Hudson McGowan: Spent many a childhood day playing on the bing. Although the area was flattened and landscaped some 30 + years ago, it’s still the bing to many people including myself.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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