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Robertson’s Laun

Robertsons Laun

Stonefield Road looking towards Glasgow Road. The wooden hut to the right was built by James Little of Crossbasket for his father who had the habit of preaching liberalism in the Street, so to keep him busy and off the streets, his son built this shop and filled it with Hardware. As, he, being a builder, would be his best customer. The shop was sold for £114 in 1938 to James Paton, a Barber and still remains today. After a short time as a Florists, it has become a Barbers Shop once again.

The next two storey building was also owned by James Little and known as Little’s Building. Built of stone, Little’s Building was erected c1905 and housed five tenants.

Robertson’s Land (Laun) The three-story building with dormer windows was opposite Dixon’s Number 4 Pit at Larkfield on Stonefield Road between Burnbrae Road and Broompark Road.

There were a number of shops in Robertson’s Laun but probably the most important to children was Caldwell’s Ice Cream Shop and Tommy Loughlin, the Cobbler. I remember Betty McGaulley said that she was born in the back shop of the Cobblers. Today, this is now the Larkfield Shopping Centre.

You can just see the spire of the Anderson Free Church in the distance.


Your Comments:

Arlene Campbell: I remember the tenement that Drews shop is on, it was still standing in the days I would pass on my way to school… mid 70s.

Drew Semple: great pic Bill, my shop, Candelina Yankee store now stands on the tenement ground, brill mate.

Sheena Thomson: My Aunt Betty Littlejohn (nee Paton) had her hairdressing shop in the hut in the 60’s.

Anne-marie Hart: I remember going into the shop for sweeties & ice cream in the 70’s

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I remember this in early 70’s when I lived in Watson Place, just feeling slightly homesick again. I used to get off the 63 bus coming back from the Troc dancing (Hamilton) at the bus stop across the road from there.

Helen Dyer: Me too! I lived behind this building when the new houses went up. yeah, makes me a little homesick too.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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