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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road South

Oliver’s Building, Glasgow Road 1903

As this is an area, I was unfamiliar with, I asked my friend and fellow Blantyreonian, William Ross, because I knew that he was born here. He said, “The Post Office became the Knights of Columba, then there was the YMCA, Felix McLaughlin’s funeral parlour, The Bank, which is now the detached Ladbrokes betting shop. Next was a cottage, then the Minty’s building where I was born on the ground floor, which is now 265 Glasgow Road. Next along Glasgow Road South we had Olivers Building

Minty’s had an internal stair to get to the upper floors and a big Penn Close which led to the cottage that Mick Devlin (a local character) lived in.

Oliver’s shop had a large through close to an exterior stair at the back. Oliver’s was a Draper’s shop which became Hugh’s Photographers and Paton’s Ladies and Gents Hairdressers. Next was Dr Church’s surgery and then Valerio’s Cottage where Tommy Valerio and his family lived. On the corner was a Light Fittings shop which became a workshop for Smith’s funeral parlour, then we had Stonefield Road.”

The iron railings were of course confiscated for the war effort.

 Same view 2008 Same view 2008

The Tram Terminus at the bottom of Stonefield Road near David Livingstone Church, see the Church Steeple in the background.

Jeanette Henshaw wrote: Hughes photography took ma bro n sis double wedding in Livingstone church and there was a double wedding in St Joseph’s chapel same day and he did their fotos too. That was 1979 and we all got our hair done in Mrs Paton’s hairdressers x

More Comments:

William Ross: The first building was called Minties, if you moved back towards the bank there was a pen close leading to the cottage.

Maggie O’Brien: Dr Harkens surgery was there too then became Dr Church surgery

William Ross: After the surgery you had the cottage. Wee Mickie’s son Tommy and his wife lived in.

Lynn Dougela: My mum was born in that building.

Paul Hudson McGowan: I remember Bill Paton’s place which if memory serves me right was next to Hughes the Photographer. Thanks for putting this one up Bill. I have nice memories of Mr Paton.

Jeanette Henshaw: Hughes photography took ma bro n sis double wedding in Livingstone church n there was a double wedding in St Joseph chapel same day n he did their fotos 2 that was 1979 n we all got our hair done in mrs Paton hairdressers x

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I remember Hughes Photographers so well, I have still got in the family album a photograph of my little brother which was taken in this photographers, thank you once again for the memories…


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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