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No5 Co-op Bakery – 1930

Co-op Bakery

This imposing five-story brick building was situated at the junction of Craig Street and Auchinraith Road and at six o’clock in the morning it was rather a scary place. I used to deliver milk from here in the early 60s and and helped to load the Milk Float at the side of the building, while the top four stories were busy with their ovens, baking bread, etc., which gave the building an eerie glow in the dark mornings. I remember thinking it was like a medieval workhouse, with all the noise and clatter being made by the workers. I was always relieved to get on the Milk Float and leave for my milk run. The building dominated the Auchinraith skyline, as only the nearby Auchinraith Pit bing could compete on size. The greatest ever Scottish Speedway rider, Ken McKinlay made deliveries from here on his bike.


Your Memories:

James Faulds: My brother Robert delivered the milk around Springwell and Dunsmuir brothers were the mechanics in the yard Duncan McDougal from Croft Park was the driver on the milk float and Hammy had the grocer van.

Moira Mulvaney Pacheco: And he lived just down the road in the Timber houses, Ken McKinley.

Robert McLeod-Wolohan: I also worked here in the 60’s delivering milk in the morning and then bread, milk cakes, ect, and my driver was Rab Shearer, good memories.

Jean Boyd: I remember this building well.

Margaret Slaven McSorley: Their tips at the fair and Xmas where brilliant, money to ma mum and clothes that were in style bought themselves ah memories,x

Maisie Whittaker: I also remember it.

Joe Beetham: So da ah

Margaret Slaven McSorley: Davie Campbell, legend, my two brothers worked with him 15 years apart wae the coo milk !!! X

Jean McIntosh: The building could pass for a church, very fancy for a bakery etc. Look at the workmanship in it.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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