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Herbertson Street

Herbertson Street 1979Herbertson Street just before demolition in 1979. This was the No 1 Co-op Building which stretched from Herbertson Street to Jackson Street and has obviously seen better times. The entrance to the Co-op Hall, next to Wheels, is where the Co-op Hall was upstairs and besides dances on a Friday night, wedding and funeral functions were held and in the early days, silent movies would be shown. And of course, this was also the entrance to where you would collect your ‘Divi’. The yellow fascia was John Reid’s Printers and further along Glasgow Road was the Chinese Restaurant, the Lucky House, where my brother-in-law, Tam (T.C.) Campbell was one of the doormen. The Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealership, Wheels is unknown to me, perhaps someone can remember who owned it.

Photo by Jim McGuire.

 Blantyre Gaol Roberts building at the top of Herbertson Street, Telephone exchange, old police sub station built around 1900 being demolished with the Co-op Building.

Blantyre East Free Church Mission Hall

Blantyre East Free Church Mission Hall in Glasgow Road at Herbertson Street c1890, with old Police Station on the right. The main church was built in front in 1892 and the Mission Hall becoming the Church Hall, all later renamed Burleigh Memorial Church post 1945.

 East Free Church

Services began in 1878, and the Mission Hall erected in May 1878. The memorial stone for a permanent church was laid on 12th March 1892, and the church was opened on Saturday, 3rd December, 1892 at a cost of £1,620 (about £250,000 in today’s value), and seating 500. It was renamed after the union with the Church of Scotland as the Burleigh Memorial Church of Scotland after its first minister the Rev. John Burleigh from 1889 1922, in 1945. The church and hall were destroyed by fire during the 1970s the hall in 1973 and the church in January 1974.

Ailean McLeman (Roberts) writes, “Back in Herbertson Street, opposite our house, on the corner with Glasgow Road, was the Burleigh Memorial Church, another building where I spent a great deal of my time up to about the age of 15. My Mum was the church organist at that time, and Dad was a church elder, so every Sunday would find Jim (my brother ) and I at church and Sunday School and later on, Bible Classes. The church hall was at the side of the church, and most week nights for me were spent either at Brownies then the guides, country dancing classes, youth fellowship or singing at the women’s guild (one of the drawbacks of having a Mum who played piano for most of the organisations using the hall!). The Burleigh Church eventually, due to dwindling numbers (I think), amalgamated with Stonefield Church and the name disappeared. I think it may now be St Andrew’s Church.”


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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