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 Mary Danskin’s Drapery Shop c1938

Mary Danskin’s Drapery Shop c1938. Purveyor of Fine Curtains and Silks for dressmaking. The shop changed hands pre WW2 and became Dunsmuir’s Drapery. It later became a Newsagent and Gift shop owned by Tam and Margaret McGregor and then Collins.  Danskin's Drapery
 Collins, Stonefield Road With an extension to accommodate another shop and flat above, it remains today as a newsagents, tobacconist and gift shop and is still known as Collins although now owned by J & M Campbell.
Rear of Danskins 1938 on corner of Broompark Road and Stonefield Road.  Rear of Danskins 1938

Your Comments:

Rab Straiton: I remember going to Mrs Dunsmuir’s shop for my auld grandpa’s 5 woodbine. Sold in a wee paper pack I think.

Carole Miller: newspapers and drapery and the shop with the house above was called Dunsmuir’s.

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I used to buy from that shop when I lived in Watson Place, thanks for the memories:)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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