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The Commercial Bar

The Commercial Bar Stonefield Road opposite Calder Street. Also known as Murdoch’s or Peppers after Tam Pepper, a former owner and notorious teller of tall tales! Now known as The Priory Inn.

Next was Tommy Loughlin Cobblers, Norris Grocery, Gilbert the bakers, Jimmy Sweeney the butcher and then Craig’s Building.

The Commercial Bar - Stonefield Road
Priory Inn Now known as The Priory Inn. Not to be confused with the former Priory Bar at Logan Street.


Your Comments:

Etta Morrison: Thanks for info about tam pepper. often heard the saying ‘a bigger liar than tam pepper’ but didn’t know it originated from here…

Jeanette Bryan: Now I know where the saying came from – heard my mum say it many times.

Jannette McAllister: We used to have a great time in there when we came over for the Celtic games from Ireland. Pat had it then brilliant pub.

Jannette McAllister: Ah long time since I heard the nickname brought a smile to my face.

Anthony Smith: Another pub I used to drink in, but not very often as I wasn’t a Rangers supporter.

Stephen Allan: It was a Celtic pub when it was the Commercial.

Anthony Smith: I knew it was one or the other as I never was a football fan. Ditto Fallon’s Bar.

Walter Campbell: yes, I remember selling them a keg of beer borrowed from the highland games. got 40 pound and bought some smoking material. hehe

Danny Canavan: my da used to work in that when Vincy Mcguire had it, after they left the Smiddy Bar

Fran Mcdermott Walters: Neil Forrest your mam worked here.

Neil Forrest: Yep for a good few years.

Linda Mcgowan: Where the car park is now, next 2 the priory pub…. (Commercial bar)…

Joe Sneddon: The cobbler was on that side also.

Mary Crowe: Tommy Loughlin was the cobbler, there was Gilbert the bakers next to Jimmy Sweeney the butchers.

Karen McLachlan: For years I have been saying “you tell more lies than tam pepper” and had no idea who he was. Am pleased now to have solved that.

Carol Jordan: My Great Aunt Lizzie Davidson lived in the block of houses just before the Commercial and I remember the cobblers but not names.

Davie McKinnon: Any pics of the owner when it was Murdoch’s, he was my wife’s Grandfather.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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