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A Wander Doon Memory Lane. We can now start to explore the South Side of Glasgow Road and see it as our Fathers and Grandfathers would have seen it.

We start with Robert McDougall Fruit & Veg yard and Market Garden. Remember his big Maroon Van delivering to your door? Robert would deliver what he thought we needed throughout the week but always the necessary vegetables for soup on a Friday. Next we had Lawson’s Building with a shop, small grocer & baker, owned by Meg Lawson, then…

 Charles Ireland Scrapyard and Foundry

Charles Ireland Scrapyard

As kids, we used to get some scrap through a hole in the fence and take it around to the entrance, the man would give us a few pennies. We thought we were the bees’ knees, but he probably knew exactly what we were doing.

Your Memories:

Peter Murray asks:
“When was the explosion in Charles Ireland’s foundry at Greenfields Foundry?” This is where the Bus Station is at Springwell. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Moira Lees: Hi Peter, explosion happened 21st November 1973. A guy tried to open a safe and blew his legs off x
Bill Hunter: Remember it well I was a Painter working at Robertson’s, Springwells 25 feet up a ladder when there was this explosion and my ladder blew back from the wall about 2 feet. I later met the gentleman on several occasions. The safe was locked with no key and he had to burn it open with an Oxy Acetylene torch. Unfortunately, dynamite was in the safe but no one knew this. He lost both his legs.

Doonin: Mr. Hannaway lost both his legs in that explosion.
Janette R Minto: Apparently, there was ammunition found there at one point from second world war.

Stock Photo – If anyone has a photo of the Foundry, I would really appreciate it.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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