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Calder Street Junior Secondary School

Calder Street Secondary School

Calder Street Junior Secondary School, built 1912, later to become Auchinraith Primary School. The Building was demolished end of June/July 2011 and replaced by a modern building, losing all of its previous character. I find it very sad that this fabulous Red Sandstone Building, a landmark in Blantyre, was allowed to be demolished.

On 1st July 2011, I got a phone call from my sister Essie. She was almost in tears. She said, “They’re demolishing Calder Street. You’d better get yourself down here quick. I don’t believe it.” I had no transport that day but ran as fast as I could, with camera in hand, and couldn’t believe what I saw! I took these photos, some from standing on the Police wall.

Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished
Calder Street being Demolished

New Auchinraith Primary School

Here’s what some of you wrote:

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I loved Mr. Bradford, he really helped me get my English O’Level and I had a class reunion many years ago and we were all delighted to see him there. I was so sad to hear he had passed away. He gave me a lovely card with beautiful sentiments in it and I still have it.

Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: I went to that school as well and my late father attended as it was Calder Street junior secondary. It’s a sad loss.

Robert Crothers: I went to it… Joe Maize was headteacher.

David Brown: I was there between 1964 and 1968.

Mary Sambou: I went there 68 to 72 best years of my life.

Robert McLeod-Wolohan: I went there between 1963 till 1967, it was a brilliant secondary school and Wee Brick was the best teacher there at the time, so sad its gone now.

Ina Sanders: That’s the school I went to.

Mary Davies: My old secondary school.

Paul Hudson McGowan: A great looking old building. It should have been saved and renovated or something but just to tear it down and then replace it with a Pre-fab is just plain wrong. In terms of architecture they have been ripping the heart out of the place for years.

Jimi O’neill: They knocked a school down that would have stood as long as the pyramids and replaced it with a tin can!

Alison Walker-Hill: Scandalous!

Margo Haughen: Heartbreaking.

Kathleen McDermott: I agree. I won’t know Blantyre anymore with all the buildings being demolished when I come back home. I remember playing netball there .

Carolyn Patterson: I agree, its sad (when I return to Blantyre to visit family, from New Zealand ) and more buildings have disappeared, also years ago I was back and the public park had houses in it, it’s just not right !

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I was back home recently and it tore my soul out to see this wonderful building my school no longer there. I honestly did cry and walked away thinking about the wonderful memories I had in there. Why did they take this down? Lol x This breaks my heart and bloody soul, why did they demolish this school, my Mum, Aunties and Uncles went there? Bloody disgusting!

Allan Love: I always thought that this school was a listed building watch this space the next building to go will be the police station.

Len Northfield: I’ve watched Whifflet School, over in Coatbridge, being demolished recently. All the memories and laughter and greetin’ that went on in, and about these buildings. It does seem very sad that they’re replaced by something without character.

Carol Lush: So many memories. Sad.

Fran Mcdermott Walters: Sad to see nice buildings demolished x

Ishbel McKinlay-Wilkie: How sad is this Bill!!

Finally, to remind you how it was before demolition, with the New Auchinraith Primary School behind, I would like to share this excellent photo by Blantyre Photographer, Jim Brown with you.  Calder-Street-School with Auchinraith Primary behind


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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