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Blantyre’s 9 Hole Golf Course

Blantyre Golf Course

Blantyre Golf Course was a Nine-hole course situated at what is now Springwell Crescent, the Clubhouse being at No 32/34 in the Crescent. The Blantyre 9 Hole Golf Club was founded in February 1913, and its course was on land owned by Merry & Cunningham Ltd. the mining Company.

The Membership fees were £1.1s for men and 10s 6D for women. In today’s value that would have been approximately £105 for men.

My friend, James Cornfield, now deceased, had the metal, ‘No Trespassing sign’.

The club was then voluntary would up in 1918, probably due to lack of membership and the war effort.

Golf Advertiser 26-01-1918

The records show that a notice was posted in 1918 asking members to remove their possessions from the clubhouse.

I believe that the course ground was eventually taken over by the Council for much-needed housing.

Some of this information was furnished by Alan Finlay Jackson who is in the process of researching old Scottish golf clubs, which no longer exist. Alan was born in the western outskirts of Uddingston, and his grandfathers house, where he lived during the war, looked straight over the Clyde Bridge across to Dechmont, and to the left of Blantyre. His grandfather was a miner. Alan moved to England some 55 years ago.

Any further info on the Golf Course would be much appreciated.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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