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The oldest house in Blantyre

'Aggie Bains Hoose', Brownlee Cottage in Bardykes Road in 1933, one of the oldest inhabited houses in Scotland. It was built in 1536

‘Aggie Bain’s Hoose’, Brownlee Cottage in Bardykes Road in 1933, one of the oldest inhabited houses in Scotland. It was built in 1536, and has been in the same family until recently, now owned by Margo Haughen nee Wilkie, and now called Bardykes Cottage. (Opposite the Hoolet’s Pub) The cottage had a corner removed in order to widen the road.

In 1915 Aggie owned and rented out the two houses next to the Parkville.

The oldest house in Blantyre – 2008

Oldest House Today

Miss Agnes (Aggie) Bains house, which may also have been called Sauch Cottage, after gable window and front door removed.

John Brownlie Bain at the door c1933

John Brownlie Bain at Brownlie Cottage c1933
Margo Haughen: This is the first time I’ve seen this one… thank you so much.

Barnhill Tavern and Cart

Aggie Bain’s Before the corner was removed.

Aggie Bain and friend at Brownlie Cottage.

Aggie Bain and friend at Brownlie Cottage.

Barnhill Tavern A view of Barnhill from the top of Pathfoot. Aggie Bain’s Cottage or Brownlee Cottage, before the corner was cut off, the Barnhill Tavern (The Hoolet’s Nest) dates back to 1745 and was a Coaching House on the Route from London to Hamilton Palace. The white cottage in the foreground was Weaver’s Cottage or Stewart’s Cottage at the top of Peth Brae. Jock Forrest had a handloom and worked at home.  And in the distance, you can see the Cottage Hospital.

Your Social Comments:

Audrey Marshall: Is this listed? Is it still used as a normal house Ruth Haughen?

Margo Haughen: Not a listed building because there had been so many changes to the building prior to ‘listing’, I’m afraid. The council compulsory purchased the corner for road widening!!!!! and then the dormer was added, followed by replacement double glazing.

Ruth Stannage: A jack hammer could open up that window that’s not there now anyone got a jack hammer?

Margo Haughen: Shh! We don’t speak about that Ruth-you never know when the surveyor/planners are listening!!!

John Cornfield: Ma dads fave.

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: Wow thanks for sharing…

Ruth Haughen: My wee house. It’s now known as Bardykes Cottage.

Blantyre’s Ain: If only your wee house could talk… what a story it would have to tell!


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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