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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Miners Welfare Bowling Club

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Sent in by Betty Weaver

Update by James Sneddon Dow

Blantyre Miners Welfare Bowling ClubThe picture of Blantyre Miners Welfare Bowling Club sent in by Betty Weaver may be the Blantyre Miners’ Welfare Bowling Club that was located off Craig Street. The gentleman sitting in the front row to the right of the gentleman with the shield is possibly my grandfather, James (Jimmy) Sneddon of 1 Small Crescent (the house with the monkey puzzle tree).

The Blantyre Bowling Club was and remains located just off Stonefield road next to the Anderson Church. My father, Malcolm Dow, and grandfather, Daniel Dow of 40 Morris Crescent, were members and I remember the facade of the clubhouse did not have the veranda shown in the website photograph. But the Welfare Clubhouse did have a veranda.

James Sneddon Dow

Elizabeth Weaver I can confirm that this is the Blantyre Welfare Bowling Club, verandah and all. Our Grandpa Robert (Bob) Scott is on the right in the back row.

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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