Three aspects that should be considered.

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Three aspects that should be considered.

Three aspects that should be considered.On 22nd October the early shifts of more than 230 men had gone down the mine as usual at 5.30am. It was a gloomy start to the Monday and the villagers were beginning to go about their business when, at 8.45am, a huge underground explosion heard for miles around rocked Blantyre and sent flames from two of the five pits.

Whilst we should always remember the Blantyre Mining Disaster on that day and of the 216 men and boys who lost their lives, together with thoughts of their families and loved ones, there are three aspects that also need some consideration of that catastrophic day.

Firstly, of the 216 miners who lost their lives (the numbers of dead vary as to which source you use, between 207 – 216), 94 were aged under 21 and 48 of them 16 and younger. Three of them were only 12 years old. Take a moment to imagine your own son, nephew or grandson going down the Pit at that young age and losing his life in the process. My memory fails me at the time of writing, but I do recall that one of the 12 year olds who died was on his first day down the Pit.

List of Dead under 21
James Clyde Coal miner Single 44 Dixon St 12
John Liddell Coal miner Single Hall Street 12
Archibald McKillop Coal miner Single Burnbank Hamilton 12
William Bolton (not given) Single Auchinraith 13
Peter Burns Coal miner Single McAlpine’s Land 13
Joseph Gilmour (not given) Single (not given) 13
William Graham Drawer Single 57 Hall Street 13
William McLachlan Pony driver Single 1 Jackson Place, Blantyre 13
George Murphy Drawer Single 8 Carfin St 13
James Reid Drawer Single Burnbank Hamilton 13
John Speirs Coal miner Single 9 Miller St 13
Robert Steel Coal miner Single Flemington, Cambuslang 13
Thomas Whiteside Coal miner Single Larkfield 13
James Brown Coal miner Single 11 McAlpines Land 14
William Campbell Coal miner Single Kirkton 14
William Clyde Pony driver Single 44 Dixon St 14
John Conlin Pony driver Single 57 Calder Street 14
James Cosgrove Coal miner Single 15 Carfin St 14
John Hendry Pony driver Single Larkfield 14
Edward McCallum Coal miner Single 28 Hall Street 14
William McGhee Coal miner Single Larkfield 14
John McKillop Coal miner Single Burnbank 14
Samuel Roberts Coal miner Single 60 Hall Street 14
William Stevenson Coal miner Single 15 Govan St 14
James Wilson Drawer Single 55 Calder St 14
Peter Anderson Pony driver Single Hunthill 15
Thomas Bolton Drawer Single 48 Hall St 15
Simon Boyle Drawer Single 8 Hall Street 15
Francis Cosgrove Coal miner Single 15 Carfin St 15
Robert Hendry Pit bottomer Single 11 Larkfield, Blantyre 15
Edward McLachlan Pony driver Single 1 Jackson Place 15
John Speirs Pony driver Single Barnhill 15
Malcolm Stewart Coal miner Single 52 Calder Street 15
Charles Tonner Colliery drawer Single 13 Calder Street 15
John Trainer Pony driver Single Pilot Acre 15
James Welsh Coal miner Single Hart’s Land 15
Thomas Bolton Drawer Single Auchinraith 16
James Cavanagh Colliery drawer Single 5 Calder St 16
Andrew Cox Coal miner Single 54 Hall St 16
John Hastie Coal miner Single 11 Miller St 16
James Kelly Coal miner Single 43 Calder St 16
George Lauder Coal miner Single Townhill, Hamilton 16
John McCulloch Coal miner Single Auchinraith 16
John McGhee Coal miner Single Larkfield 16
Edward Moir Drawer Single Barnhill 16
James Sneddon Coal miner Single Auchinraith 16
George Speirs Coal miner Single Barnhill 16
Robert White Pony driver Single Auchinraith 16
James Bolton Pit bottomer Single 48 Hall St, Blantyre 17
Peter Carmichael Coal miner Single Auchinraith 17
Thomas Murdoch Coal miner Single 1 Dixon Street 17
William Primrose Coal miner Single Blantyre Works 17
William Richardson Coal miner Single Kirkton, Blantyre 17
Moses Roberts Coal miner Single 60 Hall Street 17
Robert Stewart Coal miner Single 34 Hall St 17
John Thomson Colliery hostler Single Larkfield, Blantyre 17
James Wilson Coal miner Single Larkfield 17
William Wilson Coal miner Single 55 Calder St 17
John McEwan Wright Pony driver Single 3 Priestfield Blantyre 17
John Brown Coal miner Single 11 McAlpines Land 18
Abraham McGhee Coal miner Single Larkfield 18
Edward McLaughlan Coal miner Single 17 Miller St 18
Alexander Miller Assistant engine hand Single (not given) 18
Owen Brannaghan Coal miner Single Stonefield, Blantyre 19
John Cavanagh Coal miner Single 5 Calder St 19
James Clark Coal miner Single Pilot Acre 19
John Dolan Coal miner Single Dixon’s Rows 19
William Gemmell Coal miner Single Burnbank Hamilton 19
Thomas Halliday Soldier Single 34 Hall St 19
James Hendry Coal miner Single Larkfield 19
Patrick McCue Coal miner Single 23 Dixon Street 19
John McKelvie Coal miner Single Burnbank Hamilton 19
Alexander Revie Coal miner Single Dixon’s Rows 19
John Sneddon Coal miner Single Auchinraith 19
John Stevenson Coal miner Single 15 Govan St 19
James Stewart Coal miner Single 34 Hall St 19
Turnbull Cleghorn Bottomer Single Hart’s Land 20
John Conaghan Coal miner Single 5 Carfin Street 20
Robert Orr Kirkland Coal miner Single 41 Priestfield Terrace 20
James Lauder Coal miner Single Townhill, Hamilton 20
James Marshall Coal miner Single 14 Calder Street 20
James Murphy Coal miner Single 8 Carfin St 20
Thomas Roberts Coal miner Single 60 Hall Street 20
John Russell Coal miner Single Kirkton 20
Thomas Baxter Coal miner Single Priestfield Terrace 21
Charles Coyle Coal miner Single Larkfield 21
Samuel Gardener Coal miner Single Newton, Cambuslang 21
Thomas Hendry Coal miner Single Larkfield 21
James McFadzen Coal miner Married to Helen Buchan Dixon’s Rows 21
William Muir Coal miner Single Burnbank Hamilton 21
Bernard Murray Coal miner Single Larkfield 21
Peter O’Brien Coal miner Single 10 Calder Street 21
Robert Ovens Coal miner Single 12 Hall Street 21
Thomas Wilson Coal miner Single Greenfield, Hamilton 21

Secondly, we all imagined, or at least I did, that most were killed down the pit and on that fateful day. However, if you look at the date of registration of deaths, it suggests that not all died at the scene:-

Name Surname Age Date Registered
James Allan 22 14th Nov 1877
Peter Anderson 15 17th November 1877
Thomas Baxter 21 29th Oct 1877
William Black 38 5th Nov 1877
Thomas Bolton 15 8th November 1877
James Bolton 17 24th October 1877
Thomas Bolton 16 7th November 1877
William Bolton 13 24th October 1877
William Boyle 49 1st Nov 1877
Simon Boyle 15 3rd Nov 1877
Owen Brannaghan 19 30th Oct 1877
Michael Brannan 26 31st Oct 1877
James Brodie 25 7th November 1877
James Brown 43 10th Nov 1877
John Brown 18 10th Nov 1877
James Brown 14 10th Nov 1877
John Burns 33 27th Nov 1877
Thomas Burns 24 7th November 1877
Peter Burns 13 7th November 1877
Patrick Burns 34 24th October 1877
Andrew Burt 24 31st Oct 1877
Michael Cairns 29 29th Oct 1877
John Campbell 33 30th Oct 1877
William Campbell 35 23rd Oct 1877
William Campbell 14 21st Jan 1878
Peter Carlin 34 10th Nov 1877
Peter Carmichael 17
John Cavanagh 19 31st Oct 1877
James Cavanagh 16 26th December 1877
John Cavanagh 23 1st Nov 1877
James Clark 19 7th November 1877
Turnbull Cleghorn 20 10th Nov 1877
James Clyde 38 7th November 1877
James Clyde 12 7th November 1877
William Clyde 14 22nd Nov 1877
John Conaghan 20 5th Nov 1877
John Conlin 14 31st Oct 1877
James Cosgrove 14 13th November 1877
Francis Cosgrove 15 13th November 1877
John Cox 46 5th Nov 1877
Andrew Cox 16 5th Nov 1877
Charles Coyle 21 9th March 1878
John Crawford 24 26th November 1877
Charles Divers 27 29th Oct 1877
John Dobie 25 9th November 1877
Thomas Dobie 27 9th November 1877
Patrick Dolan 22 27th Feb 1878
John Dolan 19 1st Nov 1877
William Irons Dunstan 24 10th Nov 1877
Robert Eadie 50 19th November 1877
William Freckleton 23 31st Oct 1877
Charles Gainer 23 24th October 1877
Samuel Gardener 21 2nd Nov 1877
William Gemmell 19 26th October 1877
John Gemmell 22 2nd Nov 1877
Matthew Gemmell 31 24th November 1877
Joseph Gilmour 35 23rd Oct 1877
Joseph Gilmour 13 23rd Oct 1877
John Gold 28 31st Oct 1877
Benjamin Gold 24 31st Oct 1877
Andrew Gold 22 10th Nov 1877
James Gold 33 31st Oct 1877
Thomas Gracie 57 24th October 1877
William Graham 13 3rd Nov 1877
Robert Halliday 39 29th Oct 1877
Thomas Halliday 19 29th Oct 1877
Matthew Halliday 48 29th Oct 1877
Thomas Halliday 22 29th Oct 1877
John Hamilton 31 29th Oct 1877
William Hanlin 23 5th Nov 1877
John Hastie 16 9th November 1877
Thomas Hendry 21 2nd Nov 1877
James Hendry 19 7th November 1877
John Hendry 14 21st November 1877
Robert Hendry 15 24th October 1877
James Irvine 36 2nd Nov 1877
James Kelly 16 22nd Nov 1877
John Kelly 23 30th Oct 1877
Patrick Kelly 27 1st Nov 1877
James Kelly 33 12th November 1877
James Kemp 22 10th Nov 1877
John Kenny 45 31st Oct 1877
Robert Orr Kirkland 20 12th November 1877
Nicol Kyle 35 24th October 1877
James Lang 55 30th Oct 1877
Archibald Lang 25 23rd Oct 1877
Hugh Larkin 24 31st Oct 1877
James Lauder 20 5th Nov 1877
George Lauder 16 5th Nov 1877
James Liddell 41 5th Nov 1877
John Liddell 12 5th Nov 1877
Thomas Lucas 24 29th Oct 1877
Peter Mackie 31 29th Oct 1877
James Marshall 20 2nd Nov 1877
Hugh Martin 51 5th Nov 1877
David Martin 28 3rd Nov 1877
Robert McAdams 28 7th December 1877
Peter McAnulty 6th December 1877
Edward McCallum 14 5th Nov 1877
Patrick McCue 19 26th February 1878
John McCulloch 44 30th Oct 1877
John McCulloch 16 3rd Nov 1877
Thomas McCulloch 25 10th Nov 1877
James McCusker 28 2nd Nov 1877
Henry McCusker 30 30th Nov 1877
Thomas McDonald 29th Oct 1877
James McFadzen 21 30th Oct 1877
John McFadzen 23 15th Nov 1877
John McFarlane 31 1st Nov 1877
James McGarry 35 13th November 1877
Abraham McGhee 18 9th November 1877
John McGhee 16 9th November 1877
William McGhee 14 31st Oct 1877
James McGown 24 3rd Nov 1877
Gilbert McIntyre 47 6th November 1877
William McKay 48 9th November 1877
John McKelvie 19 2nd Nov 1877
John McKillop 14 22nd Nov 1877
Archibald McKillop 12 30th Oct 1877
James McKinnon 32 1st Nov 1877
Moses McLachlan 23 15th Nov 1877
Edward McLachlan 15 5th Nov 1877
William McLachlan 13 24th October 1877
John McLaughlan 23 31st Oct 1877
Edward McLaughlan 18 31st Oct 1877
Thomas McMeechan 45 13th November 1877
James McMillan 30 27th Oct 1877
Robert McNaught 26 29th Oct 1877
Bernard McTavie 56 5th Nov 1877
Thomas Meechan 39 9th November 1877
Alexander Miller 18 23rd Oct 1877
William Miller 23 8th November 1877
Joseph Miller 27 6th December 1877
John Moir 36 2nd Nov 1877
Edward Moir 16 3rd Nov 1877
Hugh Morgan 37 31st Oct 1877
Andrew Morrison 48 6th November 1877
William Muir 21 31st Oct 1877
Thomas Murdoch 17 7th November 1877
Francis Murphy 25 31st Oct 1877
James Murphy 20 31st Oct 1877
George Murphy 13 5th December 1877
Bernard Murray 21 9th November 1877
James Murray 50 3rd Nov 1877
George Nisbet 27 29th Oct 1877
John O’Brien 24 9th November 1877
Peter O’Brien 21 31st Oct 1877
John O’Donnell 26 5th Nov 1877
John O’Donnell 23 5th Nov 1877
Robert Ovens 21 7th November 1877
John Park 34 8th November 1877
William Primrose 17 6th November 1877
James Rae Between 35 and 40 Registered on information of Procurator Fiscal on April 2 1878
Thomas Ramsay 25 2nd Nov 1877
William Reid 27 31st Oct 1877
James Reid 13 31st Oct 1877
George Renwick 48 21st November 1877
John Revie 59 6th November 1877
Alexander Revie 19 6th November 1877
William Richardson 17 23rd Oct 1877
William Roberts 24 29th Oct 1877
Thomas Roberts 20 6th November 1877
Moses Roberts 17 5th Nov 1877
Samuel Roberts 14 5th Nov 1877
Richard Ross 30 5th Nov 1877
John Russell 20 2nd Nov 1877
George Sawers 24 9th November 1877
George Semple 32 20th November 1877
William Sharp 63 6th November 1877
James Sharp 40 6th November 1877
James Simpson 24 24th October 1877
Robert Simpson 60 31st Oct 1877
Patrick Smith 40 2nd Nov 1877
Edward Smith 22 10th Nov 1877
James Smith 35 3rd Nov 1877
James Sneddon 39 20th November 1877
James Sneddon 16 10th Nov 1877
John Sneddon 19 30th Oct 1877
George Speirs 16 5th Nov 1877
John Speirs 15 5th Nov 1877
William Speirs 28 3rd Nov 1877
John Speirs 13 21st November 1877
John Stark 29 31st Oct 1877
James Steel 36 9th November 1877
Robert Steel 13 9th November 1877
Alexander Stevenson 42 30th Oct 1877
John Stevenson 19 30th Oct 1877
William Stevenson 14 30th Oct 1877
James Stewart 19 19th November 1877
Robert Stewart 17 29th Oct 1877
Malcolm Stewart 15 6th November 1877
John Thomson 17 29th Oct 1877
George Todd 43 24th October 1877
Hugh Tonner 48 6th November 1877
Charles Tonner 15 26th December 1877
John Trainer 15 8th November 1877
James Valleley 22 7th November 1877
Neil Ward 51 5th Nov 1877
Robert Wardrop 37 23rd Oct 1877
Alexander Watt 28 24th October 1877
John Young Welsh 22 29th Oct 1877
Francis Welsh 23 29th Oct 1877
James Welsh 15 13th November 1877
Andrew Whiteside 37 5th Nov 1877
Thomas Whiteside 13 5th Nov 1877
Robert White 16 6th November 1877
Thomas Wilson 45 30th Oct 1877
James Wilson 17 10th Nov 1877
Thomas Wilson 21 30th Oct 1877
Hugh Wilson 36 29th Oct 1877
William Wilson 17 29th Oct 1877
James Wilson 14 19th November 1877
William Wood 51 31st Oct 1877
James Wright 49 29th Oct 1877
John McEwan Wright 17 29th Oct 1877

And thirdly, how some of them were connected to each other as Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Cousins etc.

Name Surname Marital status Age Notes
James Allan Single 22
Peter Anderson Single 15
Thomas Baxter Single 21
William Black Married to Margaret Kirkland 38
Thomas Bolton Single 15 Brother of James Bolton, cousin of Thomas & William Bolton
James Bolton Single 17 Brother of Thomas Bolton , cousin of Thomas & William Bolton
Thomas Bolton Single 16 Brother of William Bolton, cousin of Thomas & James Bolton
William Bolton Single 13 Brother of Thomas Bolton, cousin of Thomas & James Bolton
William Boyle Married to Helen McDonagh 49 Father of Simon Boyle
Simon Boyle Single 15 Son of William Boyle
Owen Brannaghan Single 19 Died in Royal Infirmary of burns on October 30th
Michael Brannan Single 26
James Brodie Married to Elizabeth Brown 25
James Brown Married to Elizabeth Mackie 43 Father of John & James Brown
John Brown Single 18 Son of James Brown
James Brown Single 14 Son of James Brown
John Burns Married to Helen Cornfield 33 Brother of Thomas & Peter Burns, brother-in-law of James Clyde
Thomas Burns Married to Jane Cornfield 24 Brother of John & Peter Burns
Peter Burns Single 13 Brother of John & Thomas Burns
Patrick Burns Married to Mary Creely 34
Andrew Burt Single 24
Michael Cairns Married to Mary Murray 29
John Campbell Married to Mary Kelly 33
William Campbell Widower of Janet Park 35 Father of William Campbell
William Campbell Single 14 Son of William Campbell
Peter Carlin Married to Ann Moore 34
Peter Carmichael Single 17
John Cavanagh Single 19 Stepson of Hugh Morgan
James Cavanagh Single 16 Stepson of Hugh Morgan
John Cavanagh Single 23
James Clark Single 19 Cousin of John Trainor
Turnbull Cleghorn Single 20 Brother in law of Thomas McCulloch
James Clyde Married to Agnes Cornfield 38 Father of James & William, brother-in-law of John Burns
James Clyde Single 12 Son of James Clyde
William Clyde Single 14 Son of James Clyde
John Conaghan Single 20
John Conlin Single 14
James Cosgrove Single 14 Brother of James Cosgrove
Francis Cosgrove Single 15 Brother of Francis Cosgrove
John Cox Married to Margaret Kirkwood 46 Father of Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox Single 16 Son of John Cox
Charles Coyle Single 21
John Crawford Married to Martha McCutcheon 24
Charles Divers Married to Bridget Divers 27
John Dobie Single 25 Brother of Thomas Dobie
Thomas Dobie Married to Mary Jones 27 Brother of John Dobie
Patrick Dolan Single 22 Brother of John Dolan, brother-in-law of James McCusker
John Dolan Single 19 Brother of Patrick Dolan, brother-in-law of James McCusker
William Irons Dunstan Single 24
Robert Eadie Married to Margaret Drummond 50
William Freckleton Widower of Margaret Gemmell 23
Charles Gainer Single 23 Died in Royal Infirmary of burns
Samuel Gardener Single 21 Nephew of James Wright
William Gemmell Single 19 Brother of John & Matthew Gemmell, brother-in-law of William Reid, cousin of William Muir
John Gemmell Single 22 Brother of William & Matthew Gemmell, brother-in-law of William Reid cousin of William Muir
Matthew Gemmell Single 31 Brother of William & John Gemmell, brother-in-law of William Reid cousin of William Muir
Joseph Gilmour Married to Martha Moffat 35 Father of Joseph Gilmour
Joseph Gilmour Single 13 Son of Joseph Gilmour
John Gold Married to Mary Roberts 28 One of 4 Gold brothers
Benjamin Gold Married to Isabella Crawford 24 One of 4 Gold brothers
Andrew Gold Single 22 One of 4 Gold brothers
James Gold Married to Mary Lambie 33 One of 4 Gold brothers
Thomas Gracie Married to Jane Smellie 57
William Graham Single 13 Brother-in-law of Patrick Kelly
Robert Halliday Married to (1) Mary Hailstones (2) Agnes Strickland 39 Father of Thomas Halliday, stepfather of James & Robert Stewart, uncle of Robert McNaught
Thomas Halliday Single 19 Son of Robert Halliday
Matthew Halliday Married to Janet Johnston 48 Father of Thomas Halliday
Thomas Halliday Single 22 Son of Matthew Halliday
John Hamilton Married to Elizabeth Nisbet 31
William Hanlin Single 23
John Hastie Single 16
Thomas Hendry Single 21 Brother of James & John Hendry
James Hendry Single 19 Brother of Thomas & John Hendry
John Hendry Single 14 Brother of Thomas & James Hendry
Robert Hendry Single 15
James Irvine Married to Bridget Keenan 36
James Kelly Single 16 Brother of John Kelly, brother-in-law of John Campbell
John Kelly Single 23 Brother of James Kelly, brother-in-law of John Campbell
Patrick Kelly Married to Margaret Graham 27 Brother-in-law of William Graham
James Kelly Married to Mary Ann Lachlan 33
James Kemp Single 22
John Kenny Married to Margaret Kelly 45
Robert Orr Kirkland Single 20
Nicol Kyle Married to Agnes Welsh 35 Brother-in-law of 3 Welsh brothers
James Lang Married to Martha Raevey 55 Father of Archibald Lang
Archibald Lang Married to Helen Richardson 25 Son of James Lang, brother-in-law of William Richardson
Hugh Larkin Married to Agnes Tonner 24 Brother in law of John O’Brien
James Lauder Single 20 Brother of George Lauder
George Lauder Single 16 Brother of James Lauder
James Liddell Married to Janet Bishop 41 Father of John Liddell
John Liddell Single 12 Son of James Liddell
Thomas Lucas Single 24
Peter Mackie Married to Janet Drummond 31
James Marshall Single 20
Hugh Martin Married to Isabella Burgess 51
David Martin Married to Martha Carson 28
Robert McAdams Married to Elizabeth Brown 28
Peter McAnulty Widower of Catherine McSorley
Edward McCallum Single 14
Patrick McCue Single 19
John McCulloch Married to Allison Marshall 44 Father of John McCulloch
John McCulloch Single 16 Son of John McCulloch
Thomas McCulloch Married to Mary Cleghorn 25 Brother-in-law of Turnbull Cleghorn
James McCusker Married to Ann Dolan 28 Brother of Henry McCusker, brother-in-law of Dolans
Henry McCusker Married to Mary O’Neill 30 Brother of James McCusker
Thomas McDonald Married to Jane Hall Died in Royal Infirmary of burns on Oct 27th
James McFadzen Married to Helen Buchan 21 Brother of John
John McFadzen Single 23 Brother of James McFadzen
John McFarlane Married to Sarah McCutcheon 31
James McGarry Married to Margaret Bennett 35
Abraham McGhee Single 18 3 McGhee brothers
John McGhee Single 16 3 McGhee brothers
William McGhee Single 14 3 McGhee brothers
James McGown Married to Jessie Kerr 24
Gilbert McIntyre Married to Susan White 47
William McKay Married to Elizabeth Arbuckle 48
John McKelvie Single 19
John McKillop Single 14 Brother of Archibald
Archibald McKillop Single 12 Brother of John
James McKinnon Married to Janet Hawthorn 32
Moses McLachlan Married to Margaret Muir 23 Brother of Edward & William
Edward McLachlan Single 15 Brother of Moses & William
William McLachlan Single 13 Brother of Edward & Moses
John McLaughlan Married to Mary O’Neill 23 Brother of Edward
Edward McLaughlan Single 18 Brother of John
Thomas McMeechan Married to Janet Stewart 45
James McMillan Married to Sarah Jane McGhee 30
Robert McNaught Married to Mary Russell 26 Nephew of Robert Halliday
Bernard McTavie Married to Mary Ann Clark 56
Thomas Meechan Single 39
Alexander Miller Single 18
William Miller Married to Sarah Graham 23
Joseph Miller Married to Elizabeth Hamill 27
John Moir Married to Christina Aitken 36 Father of Edward Moir
Edward Moir Single 16 Son of John Moir
Hugh Morgan Married to Martha Crawford 37 Stepfather of Cavanagh brothers
Andrew Morrison Married to (1) Sarah Boyd (2) Elizabeth McFarlane 48
William Muir Single 21 Cousin of Gemmells
Thomas Murdoch Single 17
Francis Murphy Married to Ann McGhee 25
James Murphy Single 20 Brother of George Murphy
George Murphy Single 13 Brother of James Murphy
Bernard Murray Single 21
James Murray Married to Elizabeth McSorley 50
George Nisbet Married to Euphemia Fleming 27 His widow Euphemia Fleming died Nov 6 1877 of phthisis
John O’Brien Married to Mary Tonner 24 Brother of Peter O’Brien, brother-in-law of Hugh Larkin
Peter O’Brien Single 21 Brother of John O’Brien
John O’Donnell Married to Ann Hunter 26
John O’Donnell Single 23
Robert Ovens Single 21
John Park Single 34
William Primrose Single 17
James Rae Between 35 and 40
Thomas Ramsay Widower of Sarah Agnew 25
William Reid Married to Agnes Gemmell 27 Brother of James Reid, brother-in-law of Gemmell brothers
James Reid Single 13 Brother of William Reid
George Renwick Married to Margaret Kerr 48
John Revie Married to Jane Scobbie 59 Father of Alexander Revie
Alexander Revie Single 19 Son of John Revie
William Richardson Single 17 Brother-in-law of Archibald Land
William Roberts Married to Margaret Forsyth 24 4 Roberts brother
Thomas Roberts Single 20 4 Roberts brother
Moses Roberts Single 17 4 Roberts brother
Samuel Roberts Single 14 4 Roberts brother
Richard Ross Single 30
John Russell Single 20
George Sawers Married to Martha Lang 24
George Semple Married to Marion Nimmo 32
William Sharp Married to Elizabeth Burns 63 Father of James Sharp
James Sharp Single 40 Son of William Sharp
James Simpson Single 24
Robert Simpson Widower of Agnes Buchanan 60
Patrick Smith Married to Mary Ann Connolly 40 Brother of Edward Smith
Edward Smith Single 22 Brother of Patrick Smith
James Smith Married to Catherine Richards 35
James Sneddon Married to Elizabeth Archibald 39 Father of James Sneddon
James Sneddon Single 16 Son of James Sneddon
John Sneddon Single 19
George Speirs Single 16 Brother of John Speirs
John Speirs Single 15 Brother of George Speirs
William Speirs Married to Magdaline Wright 28 Brother of John Speirs
John Speirs Single 13 Brother of William Speirs
John Stark Married to Mary Anderson 29
James Steel Married to Elizabeth Steel 36 Father of Robert Steel
Robert Steel Single 13 Son of James Steel
Alexander Stevenson Married to Margaret Porter 42 Father of John & William Stevenson
John Stevenson Single 19 Son of Alexander Stevenson
William Stevenson Single 14 Son of Alexander Stevenson
James Stewart Single 19 Stepson of Robert Halliday
Robert Stewart Single 17 Stepson of Robert Halliday
Malcolm Stewart Single 15
John Thomson Single 17
George Todd Married to Margaret Mann 43
Hugh Tonner Married to Margaret McIntyre 48 Father of Charles Tonner
Charles Tonner Single 15 Son of Hugh Tonner
John Trainer Single 15 Cousin of James Clark
James Valleley Married to Sarah Crosbie 22
Neil Ward Widower of Ann McAulay 51
Robert Wardrop Married to Margaret Hamilton 37
Alexander Watt Married to Janet Hamilton 28
John Young Welsh Single 22 Brother of Francis & James, brother in law of Nicol Kyle
Francis Welsh Single 23 Brother of John & James, brother in law of Nicol Kyle
James Welsh Single 15 Brother of Francis & John, brother in law of Nicol Kyle
Andrew Whiteside Married to Elizabeth Chalmers 37 Father of Thomas White
Thomas Whiteside Single 13 Son of Andrew White
Robert White Single 16
Thomas Wilson Married to Rebecca Welsh 45 Father of Thomas & James
James Wilson Single 17 Son of Thomas Wilson, brother of Thomas
Thomas Wilson Single 21 Son of Thomas, brother of James
Hugh Wilson Married to Mary Burns 36 Father of William & James
William Wilson Single 17 Son of Hugh Wilson
James Wilson Single 14 Son of Hugh Wilson
William Wood Married to Angeline Connell 51
James Wright Married to Jane Marshall 49 Father of John Wright, uncle of Samuel Gardener
John McEwan Wright Single 17 Son of James Wright, cousin of Samuel Gardener

And never forget the widows aftermath, when some were evicted and some married in haste in order to keep their tied cottages…


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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