Priory Rows

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 Priory Rows

Priory Pit

Priory Pit

Priory Rows with the Priory Bing at the back.

Ten houses are situated at this colliery, and were erected about 14 years ago:-

8 Two-apartment houses Rental £7 8s.

2 Three-apartment houses Rental £10 6s.

Priory RowsThese houses are of one storey – Built of brick – no damp-proof course – Plastered on hollow walls – Wood floors, ventilated – Internal surface of walls and ceilings in good condition and not damp

No overcrowding – apartments large

No garden, but have wash-houses and coal cellars

Gravitation water – outside

One privy midden 20 feet from front of houses

Scavenged at owners’ expense


The children playing at Priory Row would be in their 70’s now. Did any members of your family work at the Priory?


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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