Mount Pleasant Building & Miners Cottages

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Glasgow Road North

Mount Pleasant Building & Miners Cottages. (Sleepy Valley)

 Mount Pleasant Miners Cottages, Blantyre

Known locally as Deputy Raw or Dipity Raw as some called it.

Deputy’s Cottages for the Whistleberry and Craighead Pits.

Built by Robert Watson Builders, Glasgow.



Mary McGuigan: That’s what they are called, never knew that all times I passed them or stared over fae bus stop x.

Andy Macphee: Used tae fire golf balls at them, and played the grand national in their gairdens, back in the day.

James Mclean: Ahhh it’s the grand national lol.

Janette Brown: Aye it looks like them.

David Thomson: The grand national, every Springwell lads passage to rights lol.

Linda Halpin: We nearly bought one of those before we got married but lost out to someone else.!!


Whistleberry Bridge, BlantyreNext to the cottages were two Railway bridges crossing Glasgow Road. In between the two bridges was the Whistleberry Road, parts of which are still there.  This road was popular with all the young courting couples from Blantyre, Burnbank and Bothwell. It was about a mile long and ran from Blantyre to Bothwell. The Craighead pit was down there on the left and the road going past the old pit and bing took you down to a Railway and pedestrian bridge across the river clyde into Bothwell. You can just see Mount Pleasant through the bridge.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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