Dixon’s Pit Disaster Survivors

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Dixon’s Pit Disaster Survivors

Women would help with the nursing of the injured

Of all the miners who were on the morning shift on that disastrous day of 22nd October 1877, 206 died on the day or shortly afterwards due to their injuries. A fortunate few, who were working at the top of the shaft, managed to escape the fireball caused by the firedamp. The Hamilton Advertiser listed those survivors from No 2 pit.

If any of your ancestors are on the list, then think yourself very fortunate.

The following people survived:

Owen Brannigan
Thomas Black (Died in 1934 aged 80 years, the last survivor)
Hugh Brown
Edward Docherty
William Duncan
Tom Ferguson (Driver)
Andrew Forrest
Tom Gallagher
Robert Heron
John Hill
William Hill
John Jeffrey
William Kirkland
John Little (Foreman)
Thomas Martin
Alex McCall
Michael McCousker
Patrick McCousker
Tom McDonald
Duncan McMillan
Sam Neilson
John Neilson
John Pickering
John Sharp
George Watson
George Watt
William Welsh (Snr)
William Welsh (Jnr)
Alexander Woods

 Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blantyre_mining_disaster
 Thanks also to:  Andy Paterson and Jim Cornfield (Deceased)

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