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Memories of Batters Ironmongery

What must have been everyone’s favourite shop for the 50’s to the 70’s. Here are some of your memories…


Marian Maguire: Best wee shop in Blantyre, you could go in there for One nail.

Diane Cunningham: Loved the smell in it x

Jamie Boyle: I think the sketch from the two ronnies foooork handles could been filmed in there lol

Orlando Ancilotti: Best smell of any shop ever.

Maureen McGilligan Downie: The 2 Batter’s Sisters lived in Church Street when me and Jim moved in they were lovely ladies that was (1988)

Carol Summers: I loved Batters, and used to go in with my Granddad. I also remember the smell and used to think they sold every single thing in the world there! Happy memories 🙂

Amanda Price Campbell: I agree! The smell was fabulous!!

Marianne Timmions: It was like a aladdins cave things hanging everywhere ??

Sheena Thomson: I remember the smell when you walked in it sold everything.

Jane Barkey: Loved that shop bought a lot of ornaments in that wee shop a long time ago.Brought back memories.??

Orlando Ancilotti: Willie Pate was the newsagent.

Mary McGuigan: Oh remember now x

Mary McGuigan: Aww remember this well trying to think Wat inside luked like x

Margo Haughen: Loved that shop…the Batter’s were my dad’s cousins, I think!!

Jackie Croft: I remember this shop x

Pamela Holland: It had two counters made off wood and depending what you wanted you went to that counter key cutting nails and school bus ticket was on the left counter

John McCourt: Could get anything from a needle to an anchor, remember it went on fire ??

Audrey Marshall: Thanks for this x

Etta Morrison: Loved going in here just for the smell.. all the wee drawers with every size screw and nails.. no matter what you asked for they could go straight to it..

John Murray: Was this that place that was on the same street as Pate’s the Newsagents? Still have an Eveready torch that I got from there that was bought in 1979.

Pamela Bushel
: l Remember it well they sold everything under the sun you name it they had it I was also a paper girl for Willy pate loved my wee job delivered the Sunday papers brings back lovely memories

Sadie Dolan: Loved this shop sold everything, it had the two counters one on left side and one on right the smell in it was amazing!!

Mary McGuigan: Thought it was called willy pates or was that nickname x

Amanda Price Campbell: That was the newsagents.

Mary McGuigan: Oh so I’m thinking of wrong shop x

Mary McGuigan: Newsagents was up abit x

Eleanor Duncan Nailon: loved going there for my scraps defo can remember the smell bring bk great memories x

David Beggs: No willy pates was to the left he was a gentleman I was a paper boy for him in the seventies for about 8 years rip willy pate

Hazel Krawczyk: He was my papa and lived in church Street till he passed away just up from the original shop in Glasgow Road !

David Beggs: I know ask mum I was his best paperboy I loved that man like my dad I went to army and would drop in and see him at the two shops on Stonefield road my friend 100%

Joe Jones: Remember it Well

Jeanette Lee: I was a Saturday girl there many years ago and loved it

Batters Pull Handle

Batters Pull Handle, Owned by Alison Walker-Hill of Mill House


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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