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Pete and Anthony in a bath on the ClydeImagine it’s a hot summer day during the school holidays and two boys from Baird’s Raws decide on making their own adventure. It involves planning and sourcing of suitable material, like an old bath, some oil drums, rope and sticks. Between them they build a personally designed craft that will hopefully float when launched. But wait, they still have to somehow get it to the river. So, ingeniously they load it up on their homemade Oracle and by pulling and shoving, the two boys get their invention to the river Clyde. And like an adventure in Boys Own, they quickly launch the craft and paddle as if their lives depended on it. And it probably did because as we know now, the Clyde can be a dangerous place, never mind in an unproven craft.

Imagine your 10 year olds doing this nowadays!

This of course is only my own version of what might have happened but perhaps Anthony Smith, who I know has commented, can enlighten us on the story.

Anthony wrote: “Almost right. We were now living at Hillview Drive. We carried / dragged it down to the Clyde, a couple of hundred yards upriver from Bothwell Castle. Just above the rapids. My life certainly depended on it. I couldn’t swim.”

Anthony, Pete and Stan having a bath.

 Anthony, Pete and Stan having a bath. “The bath was bigger than this one but only big enough for two as we were bigger”.

Photo sent in by Anthony Smith

The Smith family lived at 93 Craighead Rows ( Baird’s Raws ) and Dad developed all his own photos.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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