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Lilias Forrest nee Main c1890

Hi Bill, It’s been a while since I sent anything to you and thought this might be of interest. I had noted that Ed Boyle has on his Cambuslang site, a photo of a milkmaid, with galvanised pail, and thought, Blantyre can have an older photograph.

 Lilias Forrest nee Main c1890

This is a photograph of my G. Grandmother, Lilias Main, who married my G Grandfather Andrew Forrest, from The Deans, Cambuslang.  The photograph was taken “on location” at the wee farm, at 79 Broompark Road, Barnhill, Blantyre, around 1890 -1891, when Lilias was around 12 or 13. She holds an authentic wooden luggie (milk pail) and four legged stool.


George Park

Hi Bill, when we look at the present, it is sometimes difficult to link it to our past. Only while doing some work on our family tree did I wonder what our little milkmaid, born in Barnhill, Blantyre in 1878, and featured on the Forrest/Park album, would have thought, had she been told that her great great great grand-daughter would be a talented singer/songwriter, who courtesy of todays technology, and You tube, can be heard world-wide at the press of a few keys, or by clicking the link

Begs the question, “what will our successors think of us a hundred years or so from now?”



All photos and comments in this Album supplied by May Forrest and her son George Park from Arbroath.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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