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John Duffy

This is a photo of John Duffy and his John Trainor Duffy at 15 Park Street, Dixon’s Raws, Blantyre. John was killed in the 1969 Auchingeach Pit Disaster.

It’s not often we come across photos of Dixon’s Raws, probably because a camera was a real luxury in those days. Here you can see the quality of the build and I am certain that these bricks have been re-pointed.

Facing Park Street were the miners allotments and John, pictured here with his Dad, says that the kids used to climb the wall and pinch the carrots and tumshies… Didn’t we all…

Sent in by John Duffy, retired after 27 years as Technical teacher at Blantyre High School.

Elizabeth Weaver: Can’t help noticing the lovely clean net curtains and shiny windows – a lot of effort went into keeping houses immaculate back then. And imagine the days when weans pinched carrots and turnips for a treat!


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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