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D.C.M. for Blantyre Heroes

D.C.M. for Blantyre Heroes

D.C.M. for a Blantyre man

In the official list of D.C.M.’s recently published, there appears the name of Private John W. Campbell, of the 7th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders. The particular act of gallantry performed by Private Campbell, as recorded in the official notices, is as follows:-

For conspicuous bravery on the 25th September, 1915, at the Hohenzollern Redoubt. By his perfect example of coolness, bravery and devotion to duty under very heavy fire, he was instrumental in rallying the line when several units were mixed up with their own regiment. Later, under very heavy fire, he got on to the parapet and called to the men to stand firm. His gallantry and example contributed to the steadiness of all ranks.

Private Campbell has served 12 years in the Seaforths, and at the outbreak of the war was a reservist and a police officer at Methil, Fifeshire. He was called up at the beginning of hostilities and was “gassed” in May and was invalided home and returned to France in August.

At the Coronation of King George he was a member of the guard of honour. Since his heroic and gallant deed he has been promoted a sergeant. His mother, Mrs Margaret Campbell, who resides at 41 Calder Street, has another two sons serving in the Army.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 27 November 1915


Another Military Medallist

Still another Military Medal has been gained, the recipient being Private Peter Dorrington, of the A. AND S.H., whose wife and family reside at 210 Glasgow Road, Blantyre. He was a stretcher-bearer, and it was for a particular act of gallantry in bringing in wounded that he was awarded the honour. Private Dorrington is an old campaigner, he having been through the Boar War. At the outbreak of the present war the old martial spirit in him revived, and he at once re-joined the colours, and since then he has seen quite a lot of active service. He was severely wounded at Loos. Prior to joining up he was a miner in Craighead Colliery.

Hamilton Advertiser, 20th Oct 1917


Military Medal

The many friends of Sergt. James Sharp will be pleased to learn that he has been awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous bravery on the field of action.

Sergt. Sharp, who emigrated some years ago to Canada, and was doing well there, joined a Canadian contingent, and has been in France for about a year.

The particular action which gained him this much coveted medal was as follows:-

The Germans were shelling the trenches very heavily, with the result that two Australians were buried in the debris. The Captain called for two volunteers to dig them out, and Sergt. Sharp along with another worked for two hours under very heavy shell fire, when they got orders to retire until things quietened down a bit, but they persevered until they relieved the two Australians.

Sergt. Sharp had a younger brother killed in action some time ago, and has another serving. He is a son of Mr James Sharp, who is well known in Blantyre, particularly in connection with Blantyre Silver Band, and who resides in Stonefield Road, Blantyre.

Hamilton Advertiser, Saturday 25th November, 1916


Blantyre D.C.M. Wounded

Awarded the D.C.M. in June, 1915, for carrying, while wounded himself, his officer back to the British lines and rendering first aid, Sergt.-Major William Webster, Cameronians, is again reported wounded. He is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs George Webster, Springwell, Blantyre.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 05 May 1917


Gallant Officer Killed

Mr and Mrs William Little, 121 Stonefield Road, have received intimation that their third son, Second-Lieutenant John Little, Gordon Highlanders, has been killed in action. He enlisted as a Private in the Cameron Highlanders in November of 1914, and was drafted to France after the Battle of Loos.

For distinguished conduct in the field he was awarded the D.C.M.

Several months ago he attached himself to a Cadet Corps. in France and was gazetted a Sec.-Lieutenant, being posted to the Gordons. In civil life he was a manual instructor under Rutherglen School Board. A brother is presently serving in the front.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 05 May 1917


Another Military Medallist for Blantyre

Mrs Anderson, 12 Turner’s Building, Blantyre, has received intimation that her son, Sapper John Anderson, R.E., has been awarded the Military Medal. He is 23 years of age and prior to enlisting was a miner at Greenfield Colliery, Hamilton.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 23 June 1917


Another D.C.M. for Blantyre

Sergt. William R Duncan, 14th Canadian Battalion, has been awarded the D.C.M. for a particular act of bravery. Sergt. Duncan went to Canada three years prior to the outbreak of war, and was among the first to offer his services, arriving in England with the first contingent from Canada.

Prior to his emigrating to Canada, he was employed as pithead man at Priory Colliery and was a member of the local Territorials, in which he distinguished himself at shooting. He is the second son of Mr and Mrs Duncan, Priory Colliery, and has two other brothers serving.

The particular act of bravery was on the occasion of a counter attack at Maple Corps Salient, Ypres, when Sergt. Duncan led his men in the absence of Officers. His Platoon was in the first line, and eight men were killed and 19 wounded. He was wounded himself and is at present lying in Folkestone Hospital.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 19 August 1916


Another D.C.M. for Blantyre

We are pleased to record the fact that another D.C.M. has come to Blantyre, the fortunate recipient being Coy. Sergt-Major James Fox, whose father, Mr Frank Fox, resides at Annfield Terrace, Blantyre.

The gallant Sergt.-Major joined the Gordons at the end of August, 1914, and was sent to France in July, 1915, and he has twice been severely wounded, and at present is in hospital in England, recovering from wounds sustained on 22nd August last.

The D.C.M. was awarded for bravery in the field on the day he was wounded. Sergt.-Major Fox is also the proud possessor of the French Medal Militaire, this honour having been awarded him on May last. Sergt.-Major Fox, who is 26 years of age, was married lately, and his young wife resides in Cambuslang.

Prior to joining the colours, he worked as a miner in Dechmont Colliery, and was an active member in Masonic circles, and belonged to Lodge, “Livingstone,” No. 599, Blantyre.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 13 October 1917


Awarded Military Medal

Among the recipients of the Military Medal is Lance-Corporal William Hamilton, Seaforths, whose parents reside at 129 Main Street, High Blantyre. He is 21 years of age and before joining the colours he was a constable in Wishaw.

Hamilton Advertiser – Saturday 07 October 1916


These are but a few of the many awards for bravery that our men from Blantyre achieved during the First World War.

We must never forget and always be thankful for the sacrifice our young men gave for our freedom.


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