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Blantyre Celtic 2010

Blantyre Celtic 2010

Blantyre Celtic Reformed.

Hi Bill

Just a quick update to inform you that Blantyre Celtic have reformed, they have to start in the 2nd division of the Lanarkshire league. The club are very grateful to the Lanarkshire league for all there help. the club have to start amateur  or the time being, there are on going discussions and forward plans to get the club back to it’s rightful status in the junior ranks they hope to achieve this within the next 2 years, the club will also keep a team in the amateur ranks, allowing the club to bring through their own players.

This is a community project, that allows us to get boys off the street, regardless of what football team they support, everyone is welcome.

All home games will be played at Stonefield Public Park, behind the Blantyre sports centre, with a 2 pm kick off.

We are asking the people of Blantyre to come out and support the club.

All other information and updated links can be found on the clubs Face Page under Blantyre Celtic FC, which is updated regularly with fixtures, times and team news etc.

The teams big up and coming game is Blantyre Celtic VS. Blantyre United. Which will be played in October 2010 (look out for updates of official fixture date)

We hope that everyone is as looking forward to this game as much as the two teams involved are.

Charlie Boyle Email

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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