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Park Lane Prefabs

Clyde Crescent Prefabs

Park Lane Prefabs. You can see St. Joseph’s R.C. Church in the background.

Photo by Gord Fotheringham

Your Social Comments:

Maureen Friery Moran: My sister Lynn Friery at the extreme right of the picture.

Katrina Stewart: My two big sisters and my brother Derek lovely sis xxxxx

Maureen Friery Moran: Must be at least one of the Barrett clan also in the picture. My Auntie Annie used to babysit Lynn.

Carolyn Patterson: Katrina, I thought that was your Ann at the back, brilliant, was your street called Clyde crescent? because ours was Park Lane prefabs, they were just up the road x

Magdalena Colligan: Yes Janet Slivinski, Ann at the back me at the front Derek in the middle, Eileen to the left xx

Magdalena Colligan: Lynn Gérard is there to the left x

Carolyn Patterson: Brilliant Magdalena Colligan, I wonder if that’s our Jim next to you looks a bit like him ? lol and I also wonder if Mr Semple took this photo ? he was always taking nice photos of the local kids xx

Janet Slivinski: Seen Derek and you but don’t see Eileen, x don’t Kai resemble Derek, is Eileen directly in front of Ann?

Thomas Barrett: I think Drew Carr is one of the boys.

Thomas Barrett: Is that Ann McManus as well?

Magdalena Colligan: Yes Thomas, it was both of them x

Marion Robertson: Lovely pic, so glad you could all see it, bet it brings back a lot of happy memories for you all x

Magdalena Colligan: That’s me in front next to Stewart Semple, our Eileen behind who I thought was your Jim, smallest in front our Ann, tallest at back then our Derek next to Ann, then I thought it was your Gerad, that’s your cousin Lynn Friery to the right opposite side xx

Ann Lewis Slivinski: Had to take a double look at myself in the back! Great pic brings back old memories.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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