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Grace Hawkins Dunsmore & Granddaughter Mary

Mary Ferrie sent in this photo,

Mary said, “This is a photo of my grandmother Grace Hawkins Dunsmore and myself at the back court of the cooperative buildings early 60’s hope you can use it. I must have been 5 or 6 so it would be 1960, she lived in the Co-operative buildings later moving to Small Crescent. My dad John was her youngest child the others were Elizabeth Eyre, Grace Mckean, Greta Dunsmore, Matthew, Robert, William and Charles.

Love your site especially the old photos”.

Grace Hawkins Dunsmore

Your Comments:

 Frances Docherty who married Alex Murphy Brenda Murphy: My mum had a friend who’s name was Dunsmore…. Gretta??? anyone know, I think she is in this picture Mum was Frances Docherty who married Alex Murphy in this picture probably at the Welfare club lady 2nd left looking at the picture my Dad and Mum the couple next to her. Wish it was a bigger picture.
Blantyre’s Ain: Does this help?  Frances Docherty who married Alex Murphy
Brenda Murphy: Is Greta still with us? Would love to give Mum an update, not sure if the man she was with name was something Kelly will need to ask Mum for an update and get back to you.
Alice Murray: Gretta no longer with us x not sure when she died but could try find out for you x
Janet Saunders:She died years ago, before ma grandad, I think?! he passed in Oct 1985…
 Grace McKean was my granny William Dickson: Hello. Grace McKean was my granny and I found this picture on my computer. I’m the good looking wee lad in the sailor suit, my gran is to my left and that’s Gretta on the right. This would have been taken around 1983 or 84.
Janet Saunders: Who was the other woman? blast from.the past wee yin
Janet Saunders: William, does yar mum.remember when. Gretta passed?
William Dickson: Haw! Less of the wee! Believe me when I say that sailor suit would no longer fit! I think her name was Joan but I can’t recall her last name or who she was x I’ll ask the next time I speak to her and let you know x
Janet Saunders: I think I remember her? Vaguely wink emoticon
Janet Saunders: When I’m looking through ma photos.. I tag ya
William Dickson: I think she lived out near Ravenscraig. Will ask mum about her too.
Janet Saunders: Aye, I remember.. Although I know about granddads side more?!
Alice Murray: The other woman was my aunt Mary Dunsmore, your grans brothers wife x
Mary Mckean: Yeah other lady is Mary dad says x
William Dickson: Bloody Nora! We don’t have a family tree, we’ve got a family orchard!!
Alice Murray: William Dickson you’re like Robert in this pic xx
Alice Murray: Mary Dunsmore was one of the loveliest ladies ever put on this earth x I loved her so much xxx
Janet Saunders: Mum wud agree with ya Alice, she spoke highly of her on Sunday night
Alice Murray: She was just amazing Janet xxx
Mary Ferrie: My mum and dad Mary and John Dunsmore  Mary Ferrie My mum and dad Mary and John Dunsmore

Alice Murray: Loved the bones of that wummin she did so much for me and treated me as one of her own xxx


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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