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Crowning The Gala Queen c.1945

Hi Bill,

Jim Rouse here in Tasmania.

My cousins Gord & Patrick Fotheringham in Canada, sent me these photies, if you’d like to put them online you’re welcome to do so.

They were taken doon the village (I think the first one doon at Livingstone’s in 1945 (the crowning of Queen of the Village)  and the other one of the Village Gala around 1950 at Station Rd/Viewfield Ave.

Crowning The Gala Queen c. 1945
Patrick Fotheringham is the wee boy front & centre.
Gala Day Doon the Village c.1950
Gala Day Doon the Village c.1950

Even though I was brought up in the village through the late 50’s and 60’s, I don’t remember either the Gala or Village Queen, Patrick thinks they may have stopped in the 50’s…

It’d be great to hear if anybody recalls anything of them.

In the crowning photo, Patrick Fotheringham is the wee boy front & centre.

On the Gala photo, Gord Fotheringham is in the middle, other names on the back of the photo are Devine, Boyd, & Anderson.

All the best


Acknowledgement to Gord & Patrick Fotheringham for allowing us to use these valuable pieces of Blantyre’s History.

Note from Bill:

I remember Gala Day as if it was yesterday. I was about five so it would have been 1953. Floats, Flags and Bands and everyone dressed in their Sunday best!

We were all given 1/3rd Pint of Milk and a white box which had sausage rolls and cakes in it. A great feast for a five year old.

The Sun was shining, music playing and everyone laughing and running around… it was great!


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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