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Gala Queen 1975

Bill we are formally of Blantyre and have a few old pictures they are of my wife Nancy who was Gala Queen in 1975 they are not great pics but I thought you could add them to your collection, My family name is Kelly / McAlinden and my mother still lives in Low Blantyre as well does my wives, her maiden name is Gilchrist and her mothers would be Craig.  I just wished that I had a better pic of the one where she was crowned unfortunately the person taking the picture barely got her in it. The other picture shows her visiting her grans grave in a cemetery in High Blantyre.

Gerry Kelly

 Nancy Kelly, Gala Queen 1975
Nancy Kelly, Gala Queen 1975

Note from Bill

The original photo that Gerry is referring to is this one: but I thought that it was a shame that such an important day be spoiled by a poor photographer…

Nancy Kelly, Gala Queen 1975

Karen Bell 1975


I was looking through the auld Blantyre section of the site and came across the Gala Queen picture of Nancy Kelly.

The girl in the middle was a girl I went to school with, Karen Bell from the village. Karen went on to become Miss Evening Times, then on to be runner up in the Miss Scotland competition.

She went on to marry Maurice Johnstone a former Celtic and Rangers player and now lives in Canada with her family.

A lot can be said for being in the BLANTYRE GALA.!!!!!!!

Jimmy Whelan

Karen Bell

Bernadette Watt: Her mum and dad run the Castle Vaults in BLantyre for a while x

Susan Walker Graham: I lived next door to Karen in Craigton Place.. she was a lovely wee chatty girl.

Sylvia Mclaughlin: I stayed in Hillview Drive, n knew Karen + Lorraine, luvly lassies x

Kenny Mcinulty: Karen is my Ex GF from years ago back in the 80’s

Rosemary Flynn: Kenny yes I remember the groupie days ? down at the Vics!! Thought Karen was in the States? She was my BFF Back then?

Lorraine Bell: Rosie she was in Canada but now lives in port St Lucie, Florida xxx

Lorraine Bell: Yes she done very well proud of my sister. X

James Mcguire: I left blantyre when I was young but can remember the good old school days at St. Joseph’s was great this pic reminded me of the beauty and innocence, lovely, West End, Morven Ave…

Arlene Bell: My gorgeous auntie Karen  Dijon Mustard xxxx

Dijon Mustard: #stunner

Ann Marie Herd: That’s the YMCA gala day xx

Sharon Law: Lovely pic well done Jimmy x


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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