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Frank Welsh 1874 – 1933

Frank Welsh 1874 - 1933Born 1874 in the Dixon Rows Blantyre to Agnes Welsh who later married Nicol Kyle.

He lost three uncle’s in the mining disaster of 1877. John, James and Francis Welsh. Also losing his recently acquired step father Nicol Kyle.

This picture was taken while he served with the Royal Horse Artillery,  not sure if he served in the 1st World War.

He had two sons that I know of, one being my grandfather also Frank Welsh who worked in the pits in Hamilton. At the demise of the pits in Lanarkshire he moved with his family to the mining village of
Newtongrange near Edinburgh.

His other son John also served in the armed forces being recognized for his bravery he was awarded the military medal in the Burmese jungle. On returning from Burma John, aka “The Bush Welsh” returned to live in Hamilton.

My father also returned to Hamilton to settle in Burnbank, a bit strange for a Burnbank boy to meet a Blantyre girl, get married and settle in Blantyre. You could say the Welsh family have come home.

My Great Grandfather died in the Cadzow Rows, Hamilton in 1933.

Hope you may be able to use it in your website if not please don’t worry I enjoy telling the story.

All the best

Frank Welsh born 1970


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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