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The title of Lord Blantyre was a title in the Peerage of Scotland; it was created in 1606 and became extinct in 1900.

Lord Blantyre Coat of Arms
Lords Blantyre (1606)

  • Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Blantyre (d. 8 March 1617)
  • William Stewart, 2nd Lord Blantyre (d. 29 November 1638)
  • Walter Stewart, 3rd Lord Blantyre (d. October 1641)
  • Alexander Stewart, 4th Lord Blantyre (d. c. 1670)
  • Alexander Stuart, 5th Lord Blantyre (d. 20 June 1704)
  • Walter Stuart, 6th Lord Blantyre (1 February 1683 – 23 June 1713)
  • Robert Stuart, 7th Lord Blantyre (d. 17 November 1743)
  • Walter Stuart, 8th Lord Blantyre (d. 21 May 1751)
  • William Stuart, 9th Lord Blantyre (d. 16 January 1776) (Grandfather to H.H. Rajah Sir James Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak)
  • Alexander Stuart, 10th Lord Blantyre (d. 5 November 1783)
  • Robert Walter Stuart, 11th Lord Blantyre (10 June 1777 – 22 September 1830)
  • Charles Stuart, 12th Lord Blantyre (21 December 1818 – 15 December 1900) (extinct)

Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Blantyre

Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Blantyre (died 1617) was a Scottish nobleman.

The son of Sir John Stewart of Minto and Margaret Stewart of Cardonald

Educated with James VI under George Buchanan, he was Knight of Cardonald, Prior of Blantyre, Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland from 1582 to 1596, an Extraordinary Lord of Session from 1593, an Octavian from 1596, Lord High Treasurer of Scotland from 1596 to 1599. He was imprisoned and compelled to resign by James VI in 1599. He was a commissioner for union with England in 1604.

He was created , in the Peerage of Scotland in 1606, and succeeded by William Stewart.

Lord Blantyre Plaque

Charles Stuart, 12th Lord Blantyre

Charles Walter Stuart, 12th Lord Blantyre DL (21 December 1818 – 15 December 1900), styled Master of Blantyre from birth until 1830, was a Scottish politician and landowner with 14,100 acres (57 km2).

Born at Lennoxlove House, Stuart was the second son of Robert Stuart, 11th Lord Blantyre and his wife Fanny Mary, the second daughter of the Hon. John Rodney, younger son of George Brydges Rodney, 1st Baron Rodney. In 1830 at the age of only twelve, he suceedd his father as lord. Stuart entered the British Army and was commissioned into the Grenadier Guards. He was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Renfrewshire in 1845 and was elected a Representative Peer in 1850.

On 4 October 1843, he married Evelyn, the second daughter of George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 2nd Duke of Sutherland at Trentham, Staffordshire and had by her five daughters and a son. Stuart’s wife died in Nice in 1869 and he survived her until 1900, dying aged 81 at Erskine House.

Erskine House

Erskine House

 Walter Stuart His only son Walter having him predeceased in 1895, the lordship became extinct.

The Honorable Walter Stuart, Master of Blantyre

Walter Stuart, Master of Blantyre was born on 17 July 1851 at Erskine House, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was the son of Charles Stuart, 12th Lord Blantyre and Lady Evelyn Leveson-Gower. He died on 15 March 1895 at age 43, unmarried.
He was styled as Master of Blantyre between 1851 and 1895. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 1st Sutherland Rifles.

 Monument near Bishopton

The Blantyre Monument in a field adjacent to Ferry Road on the way to Erskine, is in memory of Robert Walter Stewart, 11th Lord Blantyre, who lived at nearby Erskine House. A Major-General in the British Army, he served with the Duke of Wellington in the Napoleonic Wars. He survived the Peninsular campaign in Spain and Portugal where he displayed great bravery, but was accidentally killed by a stray bullet while caught in a street riot in Brussels in 1830. Held in high esteem by friends and colleagues who erected the towering monument in his memory.

 Lord Blantyre Monument
 Lord Blantyre's House Glenarbuck

The property of Lord Blantyre, is situated in the parish of Old Kilpatrick, and county of Dumbarton, and is about ten miles from Glasgow. The house is beautifully placed on a slight eminence near the river Clyde, and embosomed among trees, gives the idea of all that is peaceful, sheltered, and retired.

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