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Bolton Parish Church

Bolton Parish Church is a church in Bolton, East Lothian, Scotland. It is part of the Church of Scotland and (along with Saltoun Parish Church) serves the parish of Bolton and Saltoun. The earliest church at Bolton was erected in around 1240. It was placed under the superiority of the Canons of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, and remained so for the next three hundred years. By 1804 the church had fallen into disrepair and the heritors agreed that something must be done.

In January 1805 the heritors met and decided that a new church should be built instead of repairing the old one, and that the new church should be capable of containing 250 people. By the end of 1809 the new church was built. In 1930 the pulpit was moved to its present position at the side of the East window, the choir was removed and other changes were made. In 1957 a central aisle was introduced and this further reduced the seating.

In the church porch is a Victorian “graveguard”, a contrivance designed to thwart body-snatchers who sought to steal from the graveyard newly buried corpses for sale to the medical schools in Edinburgh. The graveyard and its accessories are on display in the church porch.

Buried under the church’s aisles are the Lords Blantyre and the Stuarts of Eaglescairnie. Robert Burns mother is also buried here.


Lord Blantyre's MausoleumLord Blantyre’s Mausoleum – The Stuart Family

A notable possession of Bolton Church is the Bolton Hearse, a horse-drawn vehicle believed to be the earliest surviving piece of Scottish coachwork still in existence. The hearse is kept in the Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh.

Robert Burns mothers grave can be seen, surrounded by metal railings in the middle of this photo.

Lord Blantyre's Mausoleum

Charles Stuart

Inscription at bottom of window reads:

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Charles Stuart, 12th Lord Blantyre who was laid to rest beside this church Dec 1900 and of Evelyn, Lady Blantyre who died and was buried at Nice 1869.

Source: The Scottish War Graves Project


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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