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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Lady Blantyre’s Rock

Lady Blantyre's Rock

Robert Walter Stuart, 11th Lord Blantyre, (1777-1830) married Fanny Mary Rodney (1791 – 1875), 2nd daughter of Capt Hon John Rodney RN, Chief Secretary to the Government of Ceylon (by his first wife Lady Catherine Nugent.

Of eleven children, ( 6 sons and 5 daughters) their second daughter, Hon Fanny Mary Stuart (1816 – 1896), married as his second wife William Busfield Ferrand MP, of Harden Grange, co. York on 10th Aug 1847.

William Ferrand was a rebel, who rejected education and obtained no qualifications, but had great morals and commitment. As Squire of St Ives and MP for Knaresborough between 1841 and 1847, and later for Devonport, he was a champion of the working man for whom he had great admiration. He fought the exploitation of workers brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

He adored his Mother-in-Law,  The Dowager Lady Blantyre. Fanny and her mother, Lady Blantyre, were responsible for the reconstruction and decoration of St Ives.

The St Ives Estate above Bingley, a mile or two up the Aire valley from Saltaire.  The estate and house once belonged to the Ferrand family, though the house is now a residential home for young adults with disabilities.  Here is a large stone dedicated to the memory of the mother-in-law of William Busfeild Ferrand. The dedication is typically Victorian in its sentimentality but nevertheless reads rather touchingly.

Lady Blantyre's Plaque

This picture shows the stone plaque that was placed under the rock. The inscription reads as follows:-

The Dowager Lady Blantyre for
nearly 30 years was accustomed,
in Summer to sit under this rock
reading and enjoying the scenery
In 1857 St Ives was altered and
enlarged from plans entirely drawn
by herself and her daughter the Honr’bl
Mrs Ferrand. The Terrace and the flower
garden were also designed by them.
Her Ladyship ended her last visit
on the 21st November 1874 and died
resting on the Rock of Ages at Lennox-
love in East Lothian on the 19th of the
following November, in her 84th year
with facalties uninpared, and most
deeply lamented.
Mr Ferrand her son in law mournfully
dedicated this rustic monument
to her beloved memory, and with
confidence requested the future owners
to preserve it as an affectionate
Memento of the best of Mothers and
the sweetest of women. 

The inscription leaves you with a feeling that you are intruding on a private family matter.

In addition to the rock, there is now this wooden carving of Lady Blantyre reading her book.  Sadly, all these years later, the view she must have enjoyed looking over the valley is blocked by tall trees but it’s still a peaceful spot.  Lady Blantyre's Rock



 wooden carving of Lady Blantyre reading her book

You see here the rock to the left and the wooden carving to the right.

Lady Blantyre’s Rock, St. Ives Bingley. ‘Lady Blantyres Rock’ a favourite spot on the edge of the moor. Lady Blantyre, who was the Mother-in-Law of William Busfeild Ferrand, who acquired the St.Ives Estate near Bingley in 1639.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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