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Robert Thompson A Blantyre Cavalryman


Hi Bill

A Blantyre Cavalryman

I thought you might be interested in this man for your hall of fame, I research Medals and came accross your web site .

Robert Thompson A Blantyre CavalrymanCorporal Robert Thompson was born in Blantyre c1783, his early occupation was a labourer and he enlisted as a Private with the 2nd Dragoon Guards  (the Scots Greys) 1st of November 1803. Private Robert Thompson received a levy payment of £4-9-0d. Robert Thompson was promoted to Corporal 25th April 1815 and was present at the battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815. The Union Brigade was composed of three regiments of heavy cavalry, one English, one Scottish and one Irish, hence their brigade title. The most famous of these regiments was the Scots Greys or the Royal North British Dragoons to give them their correct title. Their part in the charge was immortalised in the famous painting “Scotland Forever” by Lady Butler. The charge was led by the commanding Officer of the Union Brigade, Major General The Honourable Sir William Ponsonby.

The Union Brigade charged headlong into the advancing French army. The slaughter was wholesale as the French were caught completely out of formation with no hope of forming square to resist the cavalry attack. It is estimated that within a matter of 15 minutes the French had lost over 3500 men in dead wounded or prisoners.

The most famous incident of the charge involved the capture of the eagle of the French 45th Regiment of the line by Sergeant Charles Ewart of the Scots Greys, now on display in Edinburgh Castle.

Tragically the greys did not stop now intoxicated by their success they charged on across the valley and right up to the French Artillery, killing gunners and putting guns out of action. By this time the horses were blown and the Union Brigade had become very vulnerable to a counter attack by fresh French Cuirassiers and Polish Lancers. The Greys stood little chance. The slaughter was terrible. One of the survivors of this charge was a local man to Blantyre, Robert Thompson.

Robert served with the Greys until his final discharge 30th October 1826, listed as returning to his home Blantyre.

I think a man like this should be in your hall of fame!

Photo by Flying Squirrel Entertainment


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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