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Hello Bill,

I e-mailed you last week about my niece Cathy Corry and have enclosed a photo, I hope this is suitable for your web site.

I’m sure some of your readers might wonder what became of Cathy Brown after reading about her in the Hamilton Advertiser many years ago, when her mother was training for a marathon around Blantyre to raise funds for the Kidney Foundation. 

Cathie CorryCathy was diagnosed with Kidney failure the year she left Blantyre High School 1983.

Her mother Janet Brown (nee Cook), donated a kidney in December 1984 which failed, Janet was a great supporter and fund raiser for the kidney patients association until her death in the year 2000.

Cathy never new life that we all take for granted,  boyfriends, best friends, dancing, and all the things we did at a typical young age, until on one very rare outing with her cousins her life was changed when she met Doug Corry, they married in 1998 at High Blantyre Parish, and he became not only her husband but her carer and still is, they have been living in Bothwell for 5 years now. Eighteen months later Cathy had another transplant, this one lasted eleven months and even after a third transplant failed Cathy soldiered on taking it in her stride.

Cathy accepted the position of secretary of the Stobhill Kidney Patients Association and both her and her Doug have been ardent fund raisers since the year 2002.

Alas, Cathy has been diagnosed with secondary peritonitis and is in a serious condition, she takes each day as a bonus, but stop her and talk to her, she won’t mention it, she will crack a joke and have you in stitches, nothings changed, she’s the same wee Cathy, enjoys a chat and a laugh, she refuses to take any strong medication available to her at this time, as she wants to keep her wits about her for as long as she can handle it. I’ve never came across anyone like her. Those that know Cathy will know what I mean.

Cathy Passed away on the 9th of March 2011.

Thank You Bill

Helen Williams Email


Marathon in Blantyre

 Marathon in Blantyre Here is a couple of photo’s of the Marathon run through Blantyre in 1983 or 84, number 621 my sister Janet Brown, she is raising money for the kidney foundation.
2nd photo is coming into Welsh drive.

She practiced like an Olympic runner would for months on end before this event.


Helen Williams Email

 Marathon in Blantyre


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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