Rob Mackenzie on David Livingstone’s Death

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Rob Mackenzie on David Livingstone’s Death

Rob Mackenzie is one of the world experts on Dr. David Livingstone, the famous Christian missionary in Africa in the 1800’s. In this 5-minute film by Gene Massey, Rob describes the circumstances around the death of Dr. David Livingstone in 1873 and how his followers carried his body 1,000 miles to the coast in order to return him to England for burial. Livingstone’s heart is buried in Zambia and Rob stands before the monument over the exact spot in Zambia where his heart is buried. More details about Livingstone’s life can be found in Rob Mackenzie’s book: “Dr. David Livingstone – The Truth Behind the Legend,” and on the Web site for the upcoming feature film, “Livingstone – An African Legend” to be filmed in Zambia. See the Web site at:

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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