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I received an interesting comment in my Blantyre Forum about a self funded Museum in Sangwali, and when I followed it up, this conversation took place…
Livingstone Museum SangwaliHi Bill

No problem, we are trying get help for Linus from as many sources as possible.

Anything you could do to bring attention to further benefit and help this one African’s passion; the heritage and history of Dr. Livingstone plus what he did for Linus’s ancestors.

We are planning to hold an international Livingstone Symposium to celebrate the Livingstone’s bicentenary 2013 at Sangwali. Several authors and scholars have been invited and a couple have agreed.

Would you or someone from the town be interested to attend?

Or how about considering twinning your town with Sangwali?

Invite Linus to your town to give a presentation? He can speak excellent English, is a very clever guy and can talk about the subject till the cows come home!

This museum is the Worlds only museum that was built and maintained by an African in honour of a European explorer and missionary.

When you see how impoverished the village is, it’s an amazing achievement and an amazing place to visit. I recently spoke to Rob Mackenzie who has written the book ‘Livingstone – The Truth Behind the Legend’ even he was not aware of the place and he lives in Zimbabwe .

Rob also told me that since his book has been published several countries now want to make a documentaries about Dr Livingstone. I can give you both Linus’s and Rob’s contact details should you want to contact them directly.

Thank you vey much for your interest.

Best wishes


Linus with Tourist
Linus with Tourist

Linus in the Museum
Inside Museum

Linus in the Museum
in the Museum

Sangwali Homes

Sangwali Homes

Hi Bill

My connection with Linus is through a very good friend of mine. I lived and worked in South Africa for many years before returning to the UK in 2001.

I was involved in the environmental and outdoor 4×4 industry over there. My very good friend Adolf Weidelich (South African businessman) recently invited me to join him on an overland 4×4 trip to follow a similar route he took several years ago whilst trying to discover a way through the Linyanti Swamps (Northern Botswana) to get to the village of Sangwali . He (the 4×4) got horribly stuck for several days and he walked for 7 hours until he found help. He ‘found’ Linus, Sangwali and the museum. Linus rescued him.

Adolf has hand written this story and it makes interesting reading plus Adolf will also be able to supply you with other accompanying material not only about the area, but the museum and the ill-fated Hellmore/Price 1859 London Missionary Expedition and how that story is linked to Dr. Livingstone, Linus and Sangwali. All in all it’s a remarkable story that very few people have heard about.

As I now reside in the UK, Adolf and I thought that more people should know about Livingstone’s connection with the area and about Linus’s community projects etc etc and I should seek to generate interest over here, by contacting various Missionary Society’s, Livingstone interest groups etc. and of course your town, whilst Adolf and Linus get things moving over there.

Adolf has been personally financially supporting Linus for several years. He’s donated a 4×4 truck, generators, tents, water pumps, building materials, paint, tools, laptop, etc etc. One of the community projects is to build a small eco-friendly camping lodge in the area to promote the legacy and history of Dr. Livingstone and the Missionaries. The village of Sangwali is close to the museum, and lies at the ‘entrance’ (see photos Adolf, Mamili, entering the park) to the Mamili National Park , Eastern Caprivi, Namibia . It is a very remote and wild area, in fact very few overland travellers have even heard of it yet alone visited the village or museum. Which is sad.

I rang and spoke to Adolf yesterday and told him that we have emailed each other; he’d be delighted to correspond with you.

Adolf can be contacted on 00278 26512713 and at and Linus can be contacted on 00264 813 972185 at

Bill, whatever else you need to help with the projects please do not hesitate to call or me email me.

My kind regards


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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